Author Topic: An Ode to Kevin, my tech hero!  (Read 1504 times)

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An Ode to Kevin, my tech hero!
« on: July 03, 2010, 05:12:03 PM »
Something went wrong with the forum around 8 this morning.  It was VERY puzzling.  I chewed up the patience of one tech guy who decided he just wanted to get rid of me because the problem was so confusing.  I went back to messing around on my own, intending to backup everything and reinstall.  That's my ultimate solution to bad problems.  It may take a few hours, but in the past it has always been successful in the end.

Well, then I couldn't even do a backup.  Panic set in.  The measly backup I did get was just 20 bytes, not nearly a whole forum's worth.

I called tech support again, and got this very cute sounding guy named Kevin.  Cute isn't the reason I'm so crazy about him, but he was easy on the ear.  We worked together for a while trying to pin down the problem.  Unlike the first guy, he was willing to listen to the clues I had gathered (even though I didn't understand what they meant):

Clue 1:  Software can read the database, but cannot write to it (can't make any changes including logging out or enter any new posts)
Clue 2:  Software using other databases can both read and write (the front end of the site is working correctly)

When the dust had settled, I found a corrupted table in the database and Kevin, SuperTech repaired it.  I was still having some trouble getting my backup and I asked if he could make a backup and send it to me.  He said he wasn't authorized to do that.  But instead of just leaving it there, he made the backup and loaded it into my root directory at BlueHost, where I was able to download it myself.  Talk about a problem solver!  If he were a dog, this guy would make an awesome service dog.  He was able and willing to think outside of the box and go that extra mile for customer service.

Whew.  I am so relieved.  This was the most perplexing issue I've ever faced PHP-wise.  Usually I have some idea what the problem is and the issue is then figuring out how to fix it or just doing the painstaking and tedious grunt work to execute the actual repair.  This time I couldn't figure out what the problem was in the first place.

Now I'm taking a break to watch Space 1999.  I just finished episode 1 and the moon has been blasted out of orbit and off into space with 311 people trapped on Moonbase Alpha.  Ruby has collapsed from the stress of wondering what will happen next to our intrepid and unintentional explorers.  I must revive her, not only so she can see the next episode, but to retrieve the remote she fainted on top of.
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