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Protection From The Heat Of Summer

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Since summer is right around the corner (here in FL we are already into 90+ days), I thought it would be a real good idea to share info on this topic.

Please post what has worked for you in the past, share links to products that you have used or are thinking of using, and if you feed your dog differently please share that.

For now I am going to make this a sticky as it is so very important to keep our dogs safe from the heat.

Here is a product that I am going to look into. I have seen cooling coats before but most look shorter then this one. Possibly it is just the picture or the dog is shorter through the back. Has anyone here used this particular item before or maybe one like it. If so what did you like about it.

Another feature I like about this jacket is the colors and reflective strips.


Prices are hard to find but I was able to locate this
Jackets cost approximately $40 for dogs smaller than 30 pounds,
$50 for a 30- to 60-pound dog and $60 for a 60- to 100-pound dog.
An extender is available for dogs larger than 100 pounds for $6.


I use to have a source to purchase these crystals but am not able to anymore. We use to make neck scarves for ourselves and they felt great while out mowing or doing other outside work.

I worry about burning pads on hot asphalt.  You can toughen (thicken) pads for some added protection and/or you can use booties.  Either way it is important to keep an eye on your dog and notice when he is having trouble with hot surfaces.

All of my dogs are mostly black.  I need to be careful even on a cool day.  Last year, on a comfortably cool day (low 70's), my solid black bitch, Luna, overexerted herself (playing frisbee) right into a seizure.  Any dog/person can have a seizure if their bodies are pushed hard enough.  Anyway, Luna doesn't have the good sense to stop and rest when she gets hot, and because I felt comfortable I didn't notice how hot she was getting.  By the time I got her to the vet her temperature was 103 and dropping.

In an emergency you can cool a dog quickly with rubbing alcohol, especially applied to the pads.  This is hard on the skin, so it should be reserved for an emergency.  That's what the vet had me doing with Luna.

Cole carries a folding water bowl in his cape so I can give him water from fountains or bathroom sinks.  I carry water for each of us when we'll be away from plumbing.

Melissa, of Melissa and Dharma/Tao, used to make cool capes.  I've seen a few other versions as well.  They're capes made of a cotton mesh that can be wetted to cool a dog.  Those cordura nylon vests can get quite hot.  I make summer capes for Cole out of cotton prints for that "designer" look.   :laugh: 

A very fine mist can be cooling as well.

I saw a crate fan in the Pet Edge catalog that has a removable core you can freeze to cool the air being blown at your dog.  It's battery operated, so you can easily take it with you.  I don't handle the heat well because of some of my medication so Cole doesn't wind up in the heat either.  If he did, I'd seriously consider this ice core fan.

I've tried the cooling neck wraps myself.  I'm speaking of the kind filled with crystals that hold a lot of water.  Personally, I didn't find them helpful, but your mileage, and your dog's, may vary.

Here is a hot day treat that many dogs love after playing in the sprinkler.  :biggrin:
One of my buddies in PA makes this for her dogs.

Frozen pumpkin/yogurt treats.

Use cnd. plain pumpkin (make sure it is not the type with spices already added) and stir in plain unflavored yogurt. Just put spoonfuls on wax paper, use muffin tins, or whatever size you want.
Serve right out of the freezer for a refreshing snack for a hot pup.

And speaking of sprinklers, when it gets real hot I will take the guys outside and do our obedience work in the outer edges of the water. No one minds doing down stays with a cool mist of water blowing on them.  :laugh:

Sometimes for a cool workout I just take the dogs out and let them chase the water from the hose around. They leap and run and use up some energy while they stay cool in the water from the hose. Once in awhile they stop for a drink so I will hold the hose still with a little kink in it to slow the pressure down then after a few sips it is off to the races again. When I think they have had enough I then tell them enough and will then go on to do some watering. While they wait for me to finish they usually lay down in a shady spot (of course in the dirt  ::smile: ). I don't want them to attack a water stream from a hose whenever they see one so sometimes they can play in the water and sometimes they are not allowed to.


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