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Current Boycotts


From time to time an issue arises with a merchant or manufacturer that some in the disability field constitutes discrimination.  When this occurs, a boycott may be organized.  There are two such boycotts under effect right now:
reason:  encouraging people to pass off pets as service animals so they can increase sales of their capes
related thread:,6429.0.html, and particularly their Kindle
reason:  they disabled a built in feature of the Kindle so that the Kindle cannot be used by the blind
other participants in the boycott: 

* U.S. Department of Justice
* National Federation of the Blind
* American Council of the Blind
* Arizona State University
* Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio
* Pace University in New York City
* Reed College in Portland, Oregon
* Syracuse University
* University of Wisconsin at Madisonrelated thread:,


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