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Our New FAQ is open!
« on: August 20, 2009, 01:16:55 AM »
Our new and improved FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is now open for public viewing.  A planned upgrade will allow visitors to ask their own question.

We also have a new and improved contact page:
Despite admonitions against asking for legal advice or for help getting a service dog people persisted.  I also got questions about service dogs that could easily have been found in the FAQ area.  Very frustrating.  But the most frustrating part was getting a couple of spams per week where some bot used the contact form to message me.  I put in my own little bot deflector until I can get reCAPTCHA up and running.  You now have to choose where to route your message.  The first option, "spam" evaporates into thin air.  This is the default choice.  The second option, "webmaster" goes to me.
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