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We're baaaaack!
« on: March 18, 2009, 10:14:37 PM »
It took a few hours, but the forum has risen from the flames of TJ's latest snack.  (For those not here for our first crash, we found it convenient to blame TJ for eating salsa and spilling it on the forum.  We now frequently refer to crashes as "salsa.")

We have upgraded to the latest version of the software for our forum.  It means some new features and a few bumps.  I don't have all the new features configured yet, but we'll have a new chat room with a shout box, so you can more easily access chat room discussions from the main page of the forum.

It includes increased security against spammers.

We can now ignore other users we find annoying and I can even set up boards like the HOT TOPICS area so that you can exclude yourself from being able to see that board if you find it too upsetting or irritating.  Some boards, like the PSD board, will have a new feature so you can request access to the board from inside the forum instead of trudging over to the contact page and hoping your message makes it through the cloud of spam that rides in on the contact page.

Moderators will be pleased with the new moderation center which puts all the moderator jobs in one easy location.

I had to upgrade ahead of schedule so it's kind of cobbled together.  It will take a few days to finish configuring the new software, but at least for now we have our forum back and can continue chatting.

Now I'm being kicked out and must return home to finish cleaning my kitchen.  If I finish by Friday morning I win a new kitchen floor for my birthday!  Wish me luck!
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