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CAN / Via apologizes to Windsor woman with two service dogs and .

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Via apologizes to Windsor woman with two service dogs and ... minutes ago
Emily Sadowski was set to take the train to Toronto Thursday, but was told by Via that the company's policy only allows for one service animal per passenger despite the fact she had travelled with two dogs before. She spoke out because she is unable to leave home without her service dog Priya, making travel with just ...

Dude I can barely train Olga while out with my children. 2 dogs would make me pull my hair out. And I would have no hands.

I know nothing about Canadian law, but are SDITs even recognized as SDs? I don't know the details of the story, but I question if the company was being slaughtered online and they figured just eating their stance (if correct) would make it stop, as it seems to have done.

The woman's story is that she has a service dog and is training another one, and since she can't go out without the service dog, she needs to have both dogs with her when she is training.

Just because you have the right to do something does not mean you should do it.

Forgive the newbie question here, but I am genuinely curious. It does not say what the dogs were trained for. Is it possible there might be a medical necessity for such an arrangement if the SDiT has not yet mastered a task that is vital to the handler's health? Is there a situation where taking the SD out with the SDiT is ok?


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