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‘She Had Her Vest On’: Woman With Service Dog Attacked At Grocery Store

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‘She Had Her Vest On’: Woman With Service Dog Attacked At Grocery Store 
Burds says she was shopping for Thanksgiving at the King Soopers at 136th Ave & Colorado Blvd when a man she did not know tried to pull her dog out of her hands.


Man started fight over service dog, woman says
Tuesday, November 28th 2017,

Burds said she never got the man's name and therefore couldn't file a police report.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects service dog owners from having to detail why they need their dog, but some people abuse the system.

Her dog was a SDiT  (Service Dog in Training), not a Service Dog.  Unless Colorado has a law giving SDiT's the same rights as SD's.  it is my understanding they are not protected under the ADA.

I do not know, maybe it is late (11:30 pm)  and I am just not understanding?

Whatever, the man was awful.

Yes Colorado has laws allowing for service dogs in training to have public access. Just have to be clearly marked . But I did not see a service dog in training patch on the dog .

Suse, regardless of whether the dog was an SDiT, SD, or full-on fake that man has no right to call her out on 'faking' and certainly has no right to attempt to take the dog away. Only a judge can decide if a person is disabled and their dog legitimately trained, and if they require public access accommodations as a team. Nobody gets to make themselves the 'service dog police'.


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