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My Service Dog, Doc, Then & Now

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Haven't posted here in long time, in fact this could be my last posting. I have a SD. His name is Doc. A cream Golden Retriever, English by heritage. I got him when he was almost 2 from the program. He was to help me with my dementia and parkinson stuff. I have Dementia with Lewy Bodies, which is a combination of both problems. I got Doc only a couple years ago. He has been wonderful as a friend and SD. I progressed more quickly in my path with DLB, and I now in a CCRC. Right now, I live in independent living apartment, with Doc. Before too much longer, I will move on towards the memory care place. My memory isn't all that bad, other than no short term memory to mention. No, DLB is more involved with other stuff, like the brain just dying out part by part. I have all the parkinson stuff because DLB people usually have all the parkinson stuff due to some similar pathology. I also have just plain shot to hell autonomic nervous system, which controls all sorts of stuff like your heart rate, blood pressure, heart rhythm, swallowing, talking, temperature control, all the stuff that your body does without you have to purposeful do it, it is just autonomic as they say. Aggression, agitation, anxiety and other such fun things are big time too. Well, Doc helped me a lot, and he went everywhere with me, perfectly behavior, helped when I needed it, no need to detail the things. Now I am in a CCRC. They had to let me have Doc, but they also allow anyone to have pets here, but the pets can't go in the food places or entertainment events and such, but Doc can as a service dog. But now he isn't so much a service dog as he is a emotional support dog. No more vests for Doc. He just with me all the time. Everyone here loves him becuase he is beautiful and has perfect behavior and obediencee, which they just are in awe of. I now let Doc be petted by everyone. I don't have to, but why not given my situation now and to the end. He is perfect. He still retains almost all of his SD stuff, but he does pay attention to other people close by, but he doesn't pull over to them, but he looks forward to being a real dog now. I take him to the memory care facility which is a lock down place. This is where I will be within the next year or two, at least that long I hope before I move into that. Doc will go with me there too. They will feed him and bathroom him when he needs it if I can't do it. My wife comes and stays with me 2 or 3 days a week. I wanted her to keep our home in the mountains. Our grandchildren are there with my son and his wife, so she has a life up there and a partial life down here in the flatland with me and Doc. It works well I think. In truth, I can't live with anyone for long periods of time without going off my rocker a little too much, so 2 or 3 days a week is perfect for me right now. Who knows about the future. One thing I like to do is take Doc over to the locked place for advanced dementia people. This is where I will be going. I find that I am actually more comfortable there than almost anywhere. Yes weird. I go there mostly to walk around the common areas and let people enjoy a little one on one time with Doc.  It is amazing to see their eyes and face light up when they touch Doc. So Doc is now a sort of SD and a sort of ESA. But most of all he is my best friend. Bill.

It is so nice to hear from you.

Bill it is so good to hear from you and Doc! I'm so happy he has meant so much to you.

It is wonderful to hear from you, Bill.  I'm glad Doc is able to stay with you and walk with you through this.

Your grace is inspiring. I'm going to remember your outlook whenever I act like a big, sulky, baby.  Thanks so much.


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