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« on: July 06, 2010, 03:51:10 PM »
Several of us are writing squidoo articles related to service dogs.  Some are donating the proceeds from their pages to charities like Karl's Kids Program and others are using them to finance care for their dogs.

When you complete a Squidoo page, please post an exact link to it in this thread.  Not only would your friends here like to know what you've been up to, posting the link here will increase your "views" and therefore increase your chance to earn money from your content.  Each person that visits your lens boosts your ratings and has the potential to earn you money.  Higher ratings cause a snowball effect so that as your lens climbs the charts more and more people are likely to find it during searches, and visit it, thereby increasing your ratings which causes more visits more ratings, etc.  Like a vicious circle only in a good way.

If you present something that has a related book, such as Teamwork or the Service Dog Guide Book, consider adding a link to that book through the Amazon module.  You or your charity get a cut of any sales generated by that module link.

If you present something that mentions specific tools or products, consider including an eBay module that takes people to the related item.  For example, if you write about the importance of good grooming for a service dog, you could link to any products you recommend like shampoos or brushes.  Again, any sales generated by your eBay module link, earns you or your charity money.  (Note:  you can often link books and other products both through Amazon AND eBay, giving your readers a chance to find the best deal while still earning for you or your charity.)

I did some reading and whatever you contribute to Squidoo remains your property.  You can change it, remove it or post it elsewhere too if you like.  So if you want to post the same article on SDC and Squidoo, that's okay.  (SDC's policy is that what you write belongs to you too, so if you want to post it elsewhere you may, but others cannot copy your content elsewhere without your permission thanks to our copyright--should be the same with Squidoo.)
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