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ESA in non-pet housing


my mom has an esa. she got the right idea and everything but unfortunately did fall for a scam. i believe whatever health professional was also swooped down the web of fake registeries. but she does qualify for one. she’s been recently trying to move into a house with no-pets housing. the house only has one dog limit. the dog being a pet and since service dogs and esas are required access, it should be fine. i was wondering if theres any tips to like mention that there will be two working dogs and a pet dog? without them blowing you off. also how do you get a note from your therapists? any advice will help! if needed we will rehome the pet but really hoping it doesn’t have to come to that.

I'm sorry, this just doesn't make any sense.  Maybe you were typing while tired?

The FHAct doesn't say you get a service dog or ESA in addition to a pet. If the landlord allows a pet and you want a pet and an ESA the landlord can tell you to choose one or the other.  Their existing rule of allowing one pet already accommodates.

What is an ESA? It's a pet being used as part of a treatment plan, especially in housing where pets are not permitted.

So you want a total of 3 dogs in a place that only allows 1? A pet, an ESA, and a service dog in training? As far as I understand it the landlord has to allow the ESA but there are no regulations that dictate SDiTs have housing access or that pets have to be allowed ever.


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