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my cat has a job now B)


'Been a couple months since this happened, but I'm very good at disappearing for long periods of time, and I wasn't active on the forum when it actually happened:

This summer I finally got a letter from my psychiatrist about Jynx being my ESA! It was startlingly easy; I expected to have to jump through a million hoops since I've had him so long (before any of my conditions were even diagnosed), but I just mentioned it to my psych and he wrote it up with very little issue.

I'm still excited about it! I should be moving out into a dorm at school by spring 2019, and with how wild life has been trying to get my AA by that point, it's a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that Jynx can come with me when I'm ready to go. The only downside is that now I can't harass him about getting a job, since I suppose he's got one.

Hey Lamp! It's great to hear from you! I've been wondering the last few weeks what had happened to you.

Congrats on getting the letter with little fuss!

My memory might be a bit off, though. I'd thought you were looking into getting a PSD? Do I have you mixed up with someone else, or did you change your mind?

You're remembering correctly! a PSD is just a development for a looong way down the road for a couple different reasons. It'll happen eventually, but I still live with my parents who would not want to live with another animal, I'm not terribly well-off financially at the moment to handle the training and care for a new dog, and to top it all off, Jynx is terribly unkind to other animals and also just generally a very nervous little man, so I won't be bringing another animal into my life until he's crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Good to see you, and glad to be back!

Congrats bud! Emotional support animals are so so helpful in college, especially cause it can be overwhelming. I'm sure Jynx will be really great to have with you :smile:


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