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« on: October 19, 2017, 12:19:56 AM »
Hi I have quiet a few health problems and a friend told me I might qualify for either an ESA or a service dog. I have an almost 7 year old German Shepard that has been a huge help to me but I don't know how to get her setup or registered as either a service dog or an ESA.

I am on SSI and have been since around 95. I just turned 37 back in August. Most of my health problems are mental health problems but not all of them. I have been diagnosed as having Epileptic seizures and non epileptic seizures (since I was 2), bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, Asthma, Schizoaffective disorder, sleep apena, muscle spasms (lower back), and memory problems to just name a few.

My shepard, Tyra, has helped stop panic attacks and has helped with my major anxiety, she has also gotten my sister when I had elevated levels of Carbon Dexide from my c-pap machine. She also wakes me up from the nightmares from my PTSD. I'm moving on the first and my phych doctor said he would fill out forms for her to either become my service dog or my emotional support dog. Yet I haven't found and forms for him to fill out. Everything I have read says he needs to write a letter.

Tyra also helps me when I get disorentated in my house as I have almost fallen down the stairs quiet a few times but she nudged me the other way.

My other question was about housing. I was talking to a realtor earlier today about ESA's and service animals and she told me that even if I had one the owners charge $300 for a pet deposit. It is/was my understanding that the owner couldn't do that for service animals or ESA. Is that correct?

Does anyone have any suggestions on which way (service dog or ESA) would be better? Also any help about the suppositly form my doctor need to fill out and or pet deposits would be greatful? Thanks in advance.
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Re: questions
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2017, 12:53:17 PM » is a sample letter for ESAs in housing.

Service dogs need to be trained tasks. If your dog is doing things naturally then they aren't a service dog. They're a great help, but not a service dog.
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Re: questions
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2017, 01:18:34 PM »
Tuttleturtle has provided the link you need for a sample letter that your doctor can use to write the correct ESA letter. 

However, you're going to need to be careful to make sure you apply for an apartment that is covered by the federal Fair Housing Act.  Small landlords may not be covered, which means they can say "no pets," and that would mean no legal basis to insist that they let you keep your dog, deposit or no deposit.

Your dog sounds like a wonderful source of support for you, and if you are moving, you should have your doctor complete the letter.  Just don't confuse ESA with service dog. A disabled person may be accompanied in nearly all places by a service dog, but not an ESA.  Your dog has not been trained to perform work for you, so she isn't a service dog (this is NOT an insult, it's just a statement of the law).

Please don't be fooled by those online registries that claim to "make" your dog an ESA or a service dog.  It's a scam. The letter must be written by a clinician who has treated you, and there's no need to pay whatever the online scammers charge for a document that probably would not stand up in court, anyway.

Good luck, welcome, and I hope you stick around and let us know how it goes.