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Cut Paw Pad - Pad Able to Peel Back
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:49:15 PM »
  Cindi cut her foot! I don't know how. We went hiking yesterday but she seemed fine after, and her foot was only bothering her after we walked to class this morning so I'm inclined to believe she cut it on something on our way to class. Either way, she was licking her foot like crazy all class despite my strong discouragement (because making the licky sound constantly isn't good public behavior). Now I feel horrible because when I checked her foot after class part of her pad was actually peeling off. I freaked out because I have never seen an injury on a dog like this and thought it was more serious then I guess it is. I called my vet right away and they said to just have a shoe on it for the rest of the day and then soak it and put Polysporin on it when I got home, and then to keep a sock on it. I did all of that and Cindi isn't happy about the sock. My vet said to come in tomorrow if she seems to be in pain or simply isn't getting any better.

So I am still a bit worried for my girl. She is walking fine on the foot, though with the sock on she has lifted her foot a few times while standing still. Do you guys think it's still okay to work her? Would you suggest taking her to the vet to get the now dead part of her paw pad cut off? How would/do you treat an injury like this. I'm a bit worried that if I work her with this sock on and a bandage wrapped around the sock to make sure it stays on, people  might think I'm working her while she's more injured then she is. I definitely don't want the public think I'm doing anything close to forcing an injured dog to work.
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Re: Cut Paw Pad - Pad Able to Peel Back
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 11:03:34 PM »
If she's walking fine on it then I'd bandage it and put some boots on all four feet.

The sock may be bothering her more than the wound. If she continues to walk on it and play normally I'd just opt for boots for the next few days, maybe put a gauze pad and some tape over the pad or just a bandaid. It may be worth having the vet look at it and trim anything that needs to be trimmed, but it should be able to wait until after classes tomorrow.

Cindi is a spoo right? She shouldn't be so hard she hides injury. I know Ariel had issues with Jubi's pads while dock diving once and Jubi wouldn't let on that she was hurt. Dogs like that have to be stopped by their handler because they'll just keep going. A spoo should tell you pretty easily if something is painful or wrong. I'd listen to Cindi on wether or not she feels up to working.
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Re: Cut Paw Pad - Pad Able to Peel Back
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2017, 11:31:50 PM »
1.  It's unlikely to be serious.  If she's willing to put any weight at all on it that means she doesn't consider it serious herself.  If the slice is thin, it might heal better if the flap is cut off.  Your vet can determine whether this is the right course and do the cutting off for you.  I can tell you the flap will not reattach.  I've been through too many partial avulsions and they never do reattach.  Instead, new skin grows over the sliced part and replaces the flap.

2.  I worked Cole with a pad injury once and caused it to open and start bleeding and I swore on that day more than a decade ago that I would never, ever work a dog with an injury again.  So as to working Cindi, I suggest you give her time off until it's healed enough to remove the sock or bandage.  I mean go ahead and walk her on softer surfaces for mental and physical exercise and to toilet, but I wouldn't recommend asking her to guide except in desperate circumstances.  I'd whip out the cane and make do for a few days so she can heal fully and as quickly as possible.

I hope that sounds right.  I don't want to scare you because I think it is likely it would heal even if you did work her.  But at the same time, it is my opinion that it is unfair to work a dog who is injured and I don't recommend doing it when it can be avoided.  I'd use a service human instead because I don't have a backup device like a long cane I can use in a pinch.  But I'd find a way to rest the dog.  YMMV.

Your vet's recommendation is what I do for thin slices, except I cut off the flap myself.  For a thicker slice I get my vet to look it over and determine whether to try to glue it or stitch it (there's a time limit, has to be done within  I think 4 hours, after that there's no point trying).

Pad injuries do happen.  As active as you are with hiking and stuff, you might want to use a pad toughener to decrease the likelihood of them happening, but I doubt you can totally prevent them short of putting special boots on her (the kind with vibram soles).  I use "Tuff-foot" or a similar product available where hunting dog supplies are sold, for example in the dog section of Bass Pro.  It's a liquid you paint on the foot pad and allow to dry and with regular treatment it will cause the pad to thicken and become tougher and harder to slice.  Obviously the hunting dog people use it, but so do SAR dog people and people who do a lot of tracking.  It also offers some protection from hot pavement.  And it doesn't annoy the dog and make them shake their foot to try to remove the bootie and you don't have to wash the booties and put them on and take them off all the time.
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Re: Cut Paw Pad - Pad Able to Peel Back
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2017, 11:21:12 AM »
I'm a complete wimp about this stuff, so take that into consideration, but I go straight to the vet with a cut pad. Of course I could be bleeding profusely from a head wound and I try duct tape before the doctor . . .

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Re: Cut Paw Pad - Pad Able to Peel Back
« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2017, 02:13:01 PM »
Olga did this on one of her pads too, and so I kept her off duty for about a week when it randomly looked like it never happened. She wasn't limping but I noticed it when I doing a nail trim. It looked fresh but it was just a flap without blood or sensitive pad underneath. I was too scared to cut it off so it just fell of on its own after about 5 days. I'm thinking it separated when she was running around on the concrete patio in the backyard.
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