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slobber and service dogs
« on: August 26, 2017, 11:46:33 PM »
I have a dog that I can train as a service dog. He literally fits all the requirements. His only issue is a slight ear infection and his slobbering. He is a mastiff mix and I know some people use those types of breeds as service dogs. What all do you do to keep the slobbering down? Is this something that would keep a dog from being a service dog?

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Re: slobber and service dogs
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2017, 12:08:26 AM »
If you can't control it, yes, it could at least limit a dog's ability to be a service dog because a business doesn't have to allow a dog to slobber on merchandise, carpets, floors, etc.  It's also really rude to make a mess in someone else's business.

What requirements does he fit?

Could a person use a mastiff as a service dog?  Possibly.  They aren't as biddable as some breeds and may be too large to fit in some areas where a smaller dog could fit.  But the biggest issue is that a service dog needs to be uninclined to behave protectively and mastiffs are typically naturally protective dogs.  It would be a particular problem if the handler had an anxiety disorder.  At any rate, there isn't a specific rule addressing whether a dog can be a certain breed but having certain characteristics such as I've just described can certainly limit a dog's ability to do the job the characteristics I listed are common to mastiffs.  A smaller percentage of mastiffs will have all of the qualities needed to become a service dog than say the percentage of labs that have all of those qualities.
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Re: slobber and service dogs
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2017, 05:10:12 AM »
Oh, how I love that breed.  The all-around best dog I ever knew was an English Mastiff. But I would not train one as a service dog. The slobbering is an issue.  Imagine that you were in an all-day conference with your dog; in one of those awful hotel-and-conference-centers.  You've got to give him water several times a day. I usually do this in the restroom with a collapsible silicone dish. My dog makes a mess when he drinks, so I give him no more than a cup at a time and repeat until he's done. Even then I have to wipe up the floor a little.  I recall the mastiffs I've known and the drool after eating and drinking is spectacular.  And like all floppy-eared breeds, they shake their heads vigorously. I knew a breeder who had her ceilings cleaned regularly.

Size also matters, unless you're considering this dog for someone with a very circumscribed life. Even in restaurants, a large breed is always an issue. Your mastiff might have to do a belly crawl just to get under the table. And most restaurant tables have center legs, so there is little room for a dog, even a smaller one. I hate having to put my dog anywhere but under the table. I would not want to try flying with a mastiff. I have an 80-pound GSD, but he can slide under the seat in airplanes so relatively little of him is in the footwell. With a mastiff, I think you'd have to buy 2 bulkhead seats.