Author Topic: Would a service dog be able to help me?  (Read 1012 times)

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Re: Would a service dog be able to help me?
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2017, 01:02:45 PM »
As Kirsten noted - having a person or dog signal you when you are at the early stages of an anxiety/panic attack is something that can be a task and is very helpful. IF - you then have the tools on your side that you can use to stop the panic attack from progressing further and are willing to use those tools in the moment. 

If you were thoughtful in the dog selection process you might find one that is more grounded when you are anxious even than a family member. This has been the case with me. My husband tends to get anxious himself in the early parts of an attack and has to calm himself before he can give me an alert. It is the way he is wired and I don't expect that to change anymore than I'd expect myself to not have panic attack. Even with this he's halted the progression of a lot of attacks. All of my dogs are able to alert to anxiety at the early stages (only one of mine do I take in public). I've shaped a nose rest on my leg as the alert as that is pretty subtle. I do NOT use them for comfort in public if I am having an attack. Instead I use my own tools to calm myself down. The one thing I need to work on with Serenity is the "okay - I've got the message - you can go rest now while I calm myself down." She's still in training and keeps alerting me till I am's a little disruptive so I need to think about an off switch. Haven't made it that far yet.

I do know the Canada laws are VERY different as others have noted.
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