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Registering your dog as an ESA to receive ID
« on: June 10, 2017, 12:37:25 PM »
Hi everyone!

I am new to the community, but am so glad this page exists to ease some of my insecurities about registering my dog as an Emotional Support Animal.

I am a cancer survivor and adopted my dog to help me while I was going through treatment. Several months later, I am moving for graduate school and could not imagine not taking my girl with me. Both my oncologist and physician are writing letters for me to confirm that I benefit from having an emotional support animal. Now, is this all I need to legally have her as an ESA?

There are several websites (see below) that offer IDs and certificates for ESA dogs. Are these reputable or just scams? I know I need a letter and that is obtained. What I am inquiring about are the IDs and certificates; should I get them?


Thank you in advance!

Nala's Mama  :wub:

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Re: Registering your dog as an ESA to receive ID
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 01:01:27 PM »
All registration sites are fake.  There is no such thing as legitimate registration, just opportunities to give people money for fake credentials.

Probably most people would benefit from having a pet for emotional support, but that isn't the legal criteria.  To qualify for an ESA you must be disabled and under treatment for mental illness.  The medical professional treating you for mental illness must write a letter stating you are disabled and explaining how the animal is directly related to your disability, why they want you to have the animal as part of your treatment plan for your mental illness.

It's two letters, not one.  One from you making the request for accommodation and one from a medical professional treating you for mental illness.

It is generally easier to seek pet friendly housing than to convince a landlord with a "no pets" policy to make an exception for an ESA.  Some landlords are not subject to the FHAct and therefore do not have to make the accommodation.  Remember this accommodation is not automatic, but one you must request and may be denied.  Don't sign a lease until after the ESA issue is resolved or you could get stuck paying for a place to live where you cannot live with your dog.
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