Author Topic: Can a landlord give a bad reference for having an ESA?  (Read 489 times)

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Can a landlord give a bad reference for having an ESA?
« on: May 22, 2017, 02:00:35 PM »
Hi all,
I've been thinking about getting an ESA for awhile now. My roommate got one in October and living with her ESA has profoundly changed my life. Now that I'm moving to a new place, my therapist has recommended I get an ESA of my own, and has offered to write me a letter. Since I'm in college, I know that I'm going to be moving around a lot for the next few years of my life, and I don't know how long I'll be staying at my next place. I've already signed the lease for the next place I'm moving to, and they don't allow pets. I know that my therapist is willing to write me a letter for an ESA, and I'm willing to go through the process. My biggest fear, and the main thing stopping me other than money, is that the landlord for my next place will dislike me for it and give me a bad reference when I try renting a new place. The city I live in has very competitive housing and most places aren't pet friendly, so I'm worried that this will ruin future opportunities for me when I'm looking to rent new places. If I'm on time with my rent, and no one complains to my landlord about noise etc, could they still give me a bad review for getting an ESA? I already know I would want to train it to prevent any complaints and give me the best chances of having future landlords say yes. Thanks for reading

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Re: Can a landlord give a bad reference for having an ESA?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 03:02:34 PM »
Realistically could they?  Yes.  I know it does happen sometimes.  Knowing it and proving it can be two different things though.

It's a legitimate concern, but here's the thing.  You're going up against a lot of undesireable tenants.  People who play music too loud, who complain about everything, who leave the place a dump when they move out, who don't pay their rent on time and so on.  If you are an exemplary tenant who doesn't make waves or cause problems and if you treat the landlord respectfully by asking for the accommodation in writing politely and working with them instead of taking the approach of "it's my right and there's nothing you can do about it," the vast majority of landlords are not going to hold a grudge over an ESA.  What ticks them off is when the animal causes them problems or you treat them badly over it (ie being a bully instead of a reasonable, rational person who is polite).

If the landlord has multiple units, say an apartment complex instead of someone renting out grandma's old house, then odds are they have some past experience with ESAs and they understand what is required of them.  Those will generally judge you on how much trouble you and the ESA make for them, not on the ESA itself.

Excellent tenants are hard to come by.  Be an excellent tenant (follow rules, be pleasant to work with, be respectful of the property and other tenants, don't rock the boat, pay rent on time) and they'll notice and that is, for most landlords, going to be much more important than whether you have an ESA.
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