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Do you have these books? Worth it?


I found these books and don't know if they're worth it. They're Kindle only books (no printed version) and there's a facebook group for those reading them. I am THIS CLOSE to buying at least the first one for now, but wanted some input from my friends here.

Book 1:

And book 2:

Well they start off basing their reason for the book on the myths that owner-training is somehow faster and/or less costly.  This suggests either they are cutting corners or they don't actually understand what is involved.

I noticed that, Kirsten. That's part of why I was wondering if anyone here has read them and if they have actual training value. The second one claims to be a 30 day intensive training program.

I know that I won't have a perfectly trained SD just from the books alone, but maybe, just maybe they have SOME value?

I'm thinking I should pass on them, and SDC and even youtube would have more information.


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