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Reviews of service dog programs
« on: January 02, 2017, 02:32:50 PM »
I guess I need to make this abundantly clear.  If you want to discuss specific programs by name you have two options.  Only two.

If they have a website or there are newspaper articles published about them you may discuss/critique their own website or a news story from an actual news agency.  You must provide a link to which ever published source you are reviewing.

If you wish to discuss your personal experience with a program, something you heard from someone else about a program, something you suspect, a rumor, a telephone conversation, private correspondance or anything other than the program's own website or a legitimate news story about them, then you must do it some place other than this forum.  You can use PMs, email, the chat room, snail mail, telephone calls, whatever you like, but it must not be posted on the forum.  On the forum you may only state the nature of your relationship ("I applied for a dog" or "I got a dog from them") and whether you had a good or bad experience.  Those words exactly, "I had a good experience" or "I had a bad experience."  No details.  None.  No opinions on their character or ability.  No recommendations that someone should use them or avoid them.

I think that it is useful to be able to critique websites and news stories.  I think it helps people practice critical thinking and how to evaluate a program.  But if we cannot stick to that only and NOT offer personal opinions then I'll have to make the rule clearer by saying we can't discuss programs by name ever under any context.

Just lately we have a few people who have been pushing the envelope and just now I removed a post that recommended a program based on a telephone conversation the poster had with someone at the program.  No.  We can't do that.  If you want to take that risk, take it with your own website.  Don't toss me under the bus.
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