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I just joined bowwowflix which is like Netflix for dog video rentals. It is $12 a month and I've never used it. I need to put a few things in my list since they don't always have everything in stock.

What DVD's would you RECOMMEND that will help with service dog training starting from the puppy stage through the final product? I'm an owner trainer w/o a program.
What DVD's would you AVOID that are junk?

My prospect will arrive in a few weeks. So think puppy stage first....but I also have obedience background so can "practice" some things on my other dogs if I am just trying to practice teaching tasks (not to go out in public with them - I know that is sensitive - just from a learning perspective).

Right now I have:

1) Reliable retrieves by Adele
2) Puppy culture

All of the "How of Bow Wow"  and "Take a Bow Wow" set (I think there are 3).
Karen Pryor's Clicker Magic -- yeah basic stuff BUT shows some very advanced clicker results and talks about timing etc.
Retrieve For All Breeds
I have more but these are my favorites off the top of my head.


Michael Ellis.  His focus is on dogs with drive and French Ring/Schutzhund but he understands and explains theory very well.  If motivation is a problem, either because your dog needs more motivation from you or because he is TOO focused (too drivey) odds are you can learn some valuable stuff from him.

I haven't seen her video but know Barbara Handleman online and her videos should be good.  She's got one on clicker training an assistance dog and one on reading body language I think.

Diane Bauman's obedience videos are classics.  I've seen them.  That's where I learned the ear pinch.  My mentor loaned the video to me.  Kinda vague recollection now, but I think probably worth watching.

Adele Yunck co-wrote one of my favorite books.  I haven't seen her retrieve video but expect it to be good.

Retrieve For All Breeds is also Diane Bauman, and I also love her work.
Barbara Handelman's videos are in my opinion nearly unwatchable--poorly lit from a distance and essentially its just a seminar haphazardly recorded in low quality, so badly produced I gained nearly nothing from it.


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