Author Topic: Forum downtime scheduled Sunday for database repair  (Read 1500 times)

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Forum downtime scheduled Sunday for database repair
« on: October 24, 2008, 01:38:05 PM »
I'll be closing the forum from about 10am to 12 noon CDT on Sunday, October 26 to attempt another repair to the database and photo gallery.  The actual procedure will only take about 15 minutes, but I need to perform a full database backup before I can do it.  After the last incident, I have learned to close the forum during and after the backup to prevent new posts from being added which will be lost if the backup has to be used to restore the database.

Note to moderators:  you will probably still be able to access the forum, but will see a warning in your info box that the forum is in "maintenance mode."  Please do not post when you see it is maintenance mode, as your posts may be lost.  Reading posts, however, won't cause any problems.
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