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How to post on this board


There is a specific format.

The subject line is the headline of the news story with an abbreviation for the country where the story is from if not the U.S.  The vast majority of English language news stories are from the U.S. so that is a reasonable default, but laws and social mores vary by country and it's important to evaluate stories in context. For example, discussions of how the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) would be irrelevant in a discussion of news from Ireland because the ADA does not apply there. So:

--- Quote ---IRE: Guide Dog Stolen
--- End quote ---

Would be a thread discussing a news article from Ireland entitled "Guide Dog Stolen."

1.  The first line in the body of the topic post is the headline again (sometimes it gets chopped off in the subject line).

2.  Next you include a byline or other source and contact info if readily available (members might wish to conduct reporter or editor)

3.  A short quote from the article to give the gist of the article, to pique member interest in reading the article, or something specific that caught your own interest. Please do not quote the entire article as this would usually be a violation of various copyright laws (even when the article does not say it is copyrighted). Instead, quote 2-3 sentences that are representative or identify what you'd like to discuss about the article.

4.  A link to the original article for everyone to review before discussion.

Why the above formula?
1.  Protects this site from committing copyright violation.
2.  Protects this site from defamation if the article is critical or controversial.
3.  Makes it easier to find the article later if the link goes dead, which often happens to news articles.



--- Quote ---Co-op d’etat: Feds sue Trump Village for discrimination
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Co-op d’etat: Feds sue Trump Village for discrimination

Reach reporter Max Jaeger at or by calling (718) 260–8303. Follow him on Twitter @JustTheMax

"Man bites dog: Federal prosecutors say former Trump Village board president Igor Oberman used his influence to retaliate against residents who he failed to evict for legally possessing service dogs."

--- End quote ---


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