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New moderation policies
« on: April 21, 2013, 10:19:19 AM »
1.  Board moderators are being assigned to assist forum-wide moderators in monitoring posting activity on the forum.  These board moderators have made a commitment to read every single post made on the boards they monitor.  They have also made a commitment to develop and promote their boards by encouraging civil discourse on topics related to the board's purpose.

2.  Forum members who feel a topic is out of control or an individual has broken forum rules in their conduct, in particularly in regards to how they treat other members, are expected to report the specific post in which the problem occurs, or first occurs.  No public complaints will be tolerated.  There will be no whining from members about moderation problems on this forum if they do not actively do their part by reporting problems immediately when they see them.  Use the "report to moderator" button in the lower right corner of every single post on the forum.

3.  A forum-wide moderator will (as they always have in the past) carefully review all reports to moderators.  If a violation of forum rules or of board-specific rules (such as the no criticism rule on the training boards) has been found, that member will be either warned or put on moderation.  Warnings include various levels of punishment up to and including a verbal reprimand, moderation, muting, and banning.  Warnings automatically expire on their own, with no further moderator action required.  So the moderator will score the offense on a scale of 1 to 100, and the forum will automatically dish out the punishment.  There is no appeal. 

The alternative is manually putting a member on indefinite moderation.  If a member seems to have repeat problems complying with published forum rules, they will be put on manual moderation.  This does not automatically expire.  It will continue until a moderator manually removes the person from moderation.  While a person is on manual moderation, their ability to use forum resources will be limited in order to limit the damage they might be able to do to the community.  For example, they will not be able to use the PM system.  They can still use the chat room, but we now have, in addition to the forum-wide moderators, four new chat room moderators with the ability to kick out trouble makers.  In order to be removed from manual moderation, the affected member will have to be sponsored by a member in good standing who makes a persuasive case for allowing the member to post without moderation again. 

4.  Whiners will be warned and will lose any forum jobs they may hold, such as board moderator, official welcomer, chat moderator, etc.  If you don't think something is being done right, you may lodge a formal complaint with moderators by PMing the forum-wide moderator of your choice.  Forum-wide moderators can be identified by a moderator badge any color other than green (green moderator badges indicate that person is a moderator for that specific board).  The complaint will be considered and a decision made.  The decision is final and not debatable.  Take it or leave.

5.  No attack public or private upon a forum-wide moderator will be tolerated in any media, way, shape or form.  There will be immediate manual moderation.  Any second offense will result in banning.  If you have a complaint, it MUST go through proper channels, not be vented in public on the forum.
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