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Modified available BBC (bulletin board code)
« on: December 23, 2012, 06:50:49 PM »
Our number of blind members has steadily increased over the years.  I started noticing some increased difficulty for them due to some formatting features available on the post form.

I have engaged someone to make a special set of high contrast themes using CSS (cascading style sheets) that would override any formatting done by posters, but still defer to any settings the individual may have made on their own personal computer to assist them with accessibility.  One theme would be large print, black on yellow background.  If the member had set their own computer using accessibility settings to, say, always show black text on white, it would still appear black on white to them.  If they did not have any settings on their personal computer, but chose the black on yellow theme, then the forum would strip any colors used by a poster and deliver it to the member reformatted as black on yellow, as requested (by choosing that theme).  Nifty, eh?

(The other vision accessible theme will be white on black, large print.)

Until we get that software up and running, we're stuck with the very limited options I have for making this software accessible.  The developers for this software (Simplemachines) have made it clear they are not interested in accessibility, which is one of the reasons we will be changing to the other software (Drupal), which is very interested in accessibility.

Because of multiple complaints about colored text specifically as it relates to accessibility (as opposed to personal preference), I've decided to disable colored fonts.  Simplemachine software does not respect the accessibility settings made by individuals on their own computers.  It forces them to receive information formatted in such a way that they cannot read it. 

Because I can conceive of some instances when it might be necessary to have a contrast color, I have left both red and black text as an option, but no other colors.
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