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XAMPP installed
« on: September 19, 2012, 04:38:25 PM »
I don't need the Perl (the second "P" in XAMPP, but it was included).  I needed the desktop installations of Apache, MySQL, and php, in order to install internet software onto my laptop for experimentation.  If anyone is curious, the "X" stands for "cross platform."  The manual is in German.  Fortunately, since the last computer I installed it on, they have put some work into the documentation and installer and it's now easier to get up and running.

Next up, I'll figure out how to install "Open Enterprise."  This will be a learning curve for me.  It's built on software I'm used to, but it uses some additional software of a type I've never before encountered.  So we'll see how that goes.  But first, another coat of polyurethane for my window trim.  :wink:

Open Enterprise is based on Drupal, the software we use for the front end of the site.  I said a long while back we would be transferring our forum to that software, and I still intend to.  Unfortunately, the person who has been developing the modules that would make that possible is a volunteer, raising a family, and she's put the project on hold so she can put food on the table.  Then these Open Enterprise guys showed up.  They built on her work and made it easy to install.  They are a commercial company, but are providing the software for free (I think they have to because of the Drupal license, but not sure).  Anyway, if your fearless leader can get it installed despite the piratically non-existent instructions, it will give us all that we want, and be continually maintained since they actually are making money on it by hiring out to help people use it.  :wacko:

Here's their demo:

Once you get their software installed and running, it takes literally five minutes to get a forum, blog, and FAQ up and running in Drupal format.  Supposedly.  We are going to test this theory.  Meanwhile, if I gain nothing else, I will get some experience with Drupal 7.x, which we're going to have to switch to eventually anyway.  Tech keeps advancing and we have to keep up or get left behind with no support when things break down.
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