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I hope to add reviews here soon, but for right now, I'm just going to list the dog books I have on my shelves right now to remind me to come back and do reviews eventually!  (Tameesha, that gives you permission to pester me if I haven't done them).

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds, Caroline Coile
Working Like Dogs, Marcie Davis and Melissa Bunnell
The Rally Course Book: A Guide to AKC Rally Courses, Janice Dearth
Adopt the Perfect Dog, Gwen Bailey
Successful Dog Adoption, Sue Sternberg
The Ultimate Guide to Rally-O, Debra Eldredge
Book written in Korean about dog breeds in Korea
Dog-Friendly Dog Training, Andrea Arden
Citizen Canine, Mary Burch
The Only Dog Tricks Book You'll Ever Need, Gerilyn Bielakiewicz
Teamwork Book One: Basic Obedience, Stewart Nordensson and Lydia Kelley
Teamwork II: Service Exercises, Stewart Nordensson and Lydia Kelley
Dog Owner's Manual, David Brunner and Sam Stall

I'm glad to see someone posted! I'm cleaning up my room and will be adding reviews this week.

FYI the AKC rally course book is outdated now - they just changed a bunch of signs this year. It's still a good book for fun and practice, but it's not all-inclusive anymore.

Yes, I have the updated signs printed out.  Considering I'll probably never compete for "real" it is fine for my purposes.  Mostly I do it with scribbled "signs" on random cardboard just for fun. :smile:

Where can I find updated printable signs??


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