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Advertising policy


You may NOT:
* advertise certification, registration, or IDs
* advertise training or any other services
* advertise an available dog, trained OR prospect
* advertise a breeder or rescue or other entity that provides dogs
* advertise a service dog program you work or volunteer for
* advertise any goods or services as part of your business, even if dog or SD related
* use the forum to gather data for a study or poll (See exception below).

You MAY:
* put the name of the program that trained your current service dog and a link to their site, but no more (ie no recommendation that they are the greatest, etc.) and only if you are willing to receive PMs asking about your experience with the program and answer those PMs.
* ask about a program by name and request members to contact you privately (via PM) to share their experiences with you, or set up a group chat to discuss experiences with a specific program--so long as you do not work for or volunteer with said program.
* state the name of a program or breeder you have had personal experience with and invite members to inquire privately about your experience. You may also state whether that experience was generally favorable or unsatisfactory, but no details may be discussed on the open forum.
* ON APPROVAL, put the name of a non profit educational or advocacy group you volunteer with, along with their web address, so long as it does not place service dogs.
* put a link to your site where you sell items you make yourself to support your service dog or fundraise to get a service dog.
* put a link to your personal blog.
* offer used equipment that you personally used that would be used for a service dog (no cars, air conditioners etc, just things like crates, gear, leashes, etc).
* ON APPROVAL ask for participants to contact you for a study, news story or informational article about SDs. Includes all media. Provided you include you real name, the name of the business or institution you work for, email, phone, and postal address and the nature of your project.


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