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Topics available to registered members
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:16:18 PM »
As a guest, you see only a limited selection of the discussion boards available in the Service Dog Central Community.  Registered members have access to these publicly viewable boards plus:

  • How-to:  instructions for using the forum features
  • Chit Chat:  our most popular board where members are free to talk about anything and everything.
  • Introduce Yourself:  new members introduce themselves and get a chance to read over the introductions of existing members.
  • HOT TOPICS:  certain topics are known to cause passionate debate.  We keep these topics in a special board so that those who wish to avoid conflict can.
  • RANT HERE:  everyone has a bad day once in a while and just needs to get it off their chest.  As with the HOT TOPICS board, members have a choice in setting up their accounts whether or not they want to view posts made in the RANT HERE section.
  • Testing:  test out features of the forum such as a new avatar or smilies.
  • Service Dog Humor
  • The Down Side of Service Dogs:  Everything isn't always rosy when you're partnered with a service dog.  Discuss the down-side of SD partnership here.
  • Working with Trainers and Programs:  A place to discuss how to find a trainer or program and how to evaluate them to make sure you get what you bargain for.
  • Non-Traditional Service Animals:  Do you find people treat you differently because your service animal is a non-traditional breed or because you have an unusual disability?
  • SD/SDIT loss, grief and memorials:  This is a special place to remember partners who have retired or crossed over the rainbow bridge, and SDiTs who weren't able to complete training.
  • Service Dog Laws:  Find the latest on statutory, regulatory and case law and discuss pending legislation.  Discuss the ADA, FHAA, ACAA, and Section 504.  View the actual laws as written instead of relying on someone else's interpretation.
  • Dog Behavior and Training Theory
  • Clicker/OC training
  • Obedience:  Service dog training consists of obedience, task, and public access training.  What constitutes basic obedience for a service dog is different than basic obedience for pets.
  • Service Dog Training:  Core skills and task training for service dogs.
  • Trainer's Toolbox
  • Gear and Equipment:  This board is for the discussion home made gear, reviews of commercially available gear, and the exchange of used gear. It is NOT a place for advertisements. If you are in any way associated with a given business, then you may not review it or its products.
  • Disability Specific Boards on Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Invisible Disabilities, Medical Dogs (including Autism, Diabetes, and Seizures/TBI), Mobility Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs

Please note:  we are currently undergoing a restructuring of our boards.  Some topics may be combined or divided depending on their popularity.
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