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Major upgrade to front end of site
« on: November 22, 2010, 04:36:48 PM »
We are planning a very major upgrade to the front end of Service Dog Central and how it sits on our server.  This is an attempt to improve server efficiency and might mean being able to get our chat room back on site without having to purchase additional server space.  However, this is not the only reason for the upgrade as it will make administration significantly more efficient and manageable for the future.  This upgrade will make future upgrades significantly easier and about 7 times faster. 

It will probably occur on Thanksgiving morning as we expect low traffic at that time.  This should not affect either the forum or the chat room.  I know it's important to keep the community area open on holidays for those who are estranged from family or unable to travel and feeling lonely.  So don't worry about that.

It's a huge upgrade from an administrative point of view, but there should be little or no difference from the visitor's point of view.  I'll let you know when it's done and ask you to help me test the site doing as many different things as you can think of to make sure the upgrade had no negative side effects. 

We have a major software upgrade coming sometime in the next year.  That one may create changes to the front end of the site that you can see.  The software developers have been working on this software upgrade for over a year already and everyone is very excited about the new functionality it will bring to sites like ours, including increased accessibility for the disabled.

After the server upgrade and the software upgrade, things should settle into an easy rhythm for the next few years.  But for this week, fasten your seat belts because it might get bumpy on the front end.  :wink:
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