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Man with disability needs help finding his service dog last seen in ... hour agoShare
MARION, Ark. A Colorado man with a disability needs your help finding his service dog last spotted in Marion, Ark. I have basically scoured .
Mr. Smithcat told me some time ago that his lovely bride, Candy, is quite a good shot herself, despite her visual impairments. 
I'm sorry.  I don't really get how they think you are faking when you have written documentation from your doctor.  I'm sorry you have to deal with that.
I took the prescription, and the suggested letters from this site, in person.
I'm still recovering from the fall out and don't have the mental energy to do much right now...
But thank you for the suggestions.
Super cool! It reminds me that the only limitations I have are the ones I set on myself. My disabilities may try to get in the way, but I can modify/adapt things to my abilities. Very inspirational!
Air travel: Crossing the line from pet to service animal
Northwest Cable News-10 hours agoShare
Frequent business travelers and at least one airline say they have noticed an uptick in the number of service dogs in aircraft cabins, raising ...
Sorry to hear things did not go well initially. I recommend the mail option too. People can be very manipulative on the phone. Get everything in writing, that's my motto.

Good luck with the process and I hope you find a nice ESA.  :paw:
In the News (publicly viewable board) / Re: A couple kicked out of a restaurant
« Last post by Azhure on August 20, 2014, 11:59:41 PM »
I totally agree, the stroller is unprofessional and tends to make it impossible for an alert. If the dog is not fit to walk on it's own it's probably not fit to work.

I agree with this statement.
While its not breaking any rule, guideline, or law that I'm aware of - I find it extremely hard to believe that dogs confined to a stroller are working in any capacity. All I see when I look at dogs in strollers are companion animals that don't even have the freedom to walk. Now does it matter what I think? Not in a court of law it doesn't. But I'll be very interested in how this case works out and just how well the owners prove that they are service dogs.

While there is no law against it now, I think there should be.
Emotional Support Animals (publicly viewable board) / Re: I need help/advice!
« Last post by poet_kelly on August 20, 2014, 08:45:20 PM »
Today did not go well.
They accused me of faking my disability and my need for an ESA.
It got pretty ugly and I had (another) panic attack.
Did you provide them with a letter from your physician requesting a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Fair Housing Act?  If not, Kirsten provided links to sample letters.  I would do that.
Emotional Support Animals (publicly viewable board) / Re: I need help/advice!
« Last post by Kirsten on August 20, 2014, 08:23:17 PM »
Yes, when you are getting a new ESA the landlord may be able to impose restrictions on size and breed.  To get an exception to a breed/size rule, you would need to show why that breed or size was necessary and a different breed or size would not do.  It's very difficult to find smaller service dogs.  It's difficult to find service dogs at all.  And a service dog may need to be a certain size in order to perform his tasks, such as a guide dog for the blind really needs to be about 50-60 pounds to do the job.

You will generally have fewer issues with a smaller breed for an ESA.  If under 15 pounds you will probably face the least issues with housing.  Choose a calm, quiet, fully house-trained adult dog rather than a rambunctious puppy who isn't yet fully reliable on toileting (under 6 months of age) or not fully house trained.


I suggest that instead of talking to the landlord in person you send him or her certified letters and iron it out through the mail.  Or email.  Or see if you can find a local advocate to negotiate on your behalf.

Here's our article on requesting a reasonable accommodation for housing:  It includes a sample letter for you and for your doctor.  I suggest you start over with those two letters and send them together by certified mail.  Get their denial in writing.  Their specific reason will direct how to proceed. 
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