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i think it should work since it's pretty oily:
Glad to know all should be okay. I figured it would be a tiny amount at most, but wanted to be sure it would be okay.

Kirsten, would Sunbutter work? I'm not able to eat peanuts, so don't buy peanut butter -but I always have Sunbutter on hand (easy source of protein that I can eat even on bad days).
Peanut butter can be massaged into the gum to loosen it.

I agree that there is probably little to no risk from him swallowing one piece of gum.  Just monitor for any signs of illness.
This is going to sound gross, but since Xylitol is a sweetener, chances are there was very little in that piece of gum even if it did include Xylitol. I say this, because generally people stop chewing gum when the flavor is no longer sweet. Monitor Zeus but one piece of gum shouldn't cause any impaction issues. Just keep an eye on him if he gets sick or stops wanting to eat or drink. I'd guess that would be unlikely though.
Today Zeus and I were walking at the shopping center near where we live and he suddenly stopped and started licking at a hind foot. I picked up his foot and found gum stuck to his paw. I tried to pull it off, but it was stuck good (and Zeus told me it hurt to try to pull it off). I finally got him to leave it alone and convince him to walk home so I could take care of it.

 (As an aside, we were right outside the grocery store at the shopping center when this happened --and there were people walking by --and nobody stopped to help. I was there in my chair holding my dog by a rear leg trying to get gum off his foot with a piece of paper I found in my wheelchair. And fighting a bit with him to get him to leave it alone and not lick the paw -at first he was convinced he couldn't walk with gum on his foot and kept trying to lick/chew the gum off. I finally got him to leave it alone so we could get home, thankfully.)

A friend suggested rubbing an ice cube on it to get the gum off, but that didn't work. Zeus wouldn't let me pull the gum off -he told me it hurt (didn't whine, but told me through his body language that it was uncomfortable). So I went to go get the small scissors to clip the paw hair that the gum was stuck to --came back to most of the gum not being on the paw anymore (and not on the floor). I assume Zeus licked it and pulled most of it off himself. I did trim some hair that had gum residue still on it, but there wasn't much left at all.

Should I be concerned that he probably ingested some gum? I know xylitol in many types of gum is dangerous for dogs. It was a very small piece of gum, but I don't know if I should be concerned or not. He seems fine over an hour later --acting like his usual self.

And any tips on getting gum off should this happen again in the future? This was the first time since I got my first SD in 2006 that I've ever had a dog step in gum (that I remember). I thought for sure the ice thing would work since that is what my family used to get gum out of my hair as a kid (though sometimes they had to cut my hair).
So glad to hear!! I bet you feel so relieved!
Glad to hear that!  It's always good to have that reassurance to put your mind at rest.  Hope you and Jones have a good weekend!
That's excellent, so glad for you and Jones!
Great news! What a relief!
The tumor is confirmed to be just fat so no reason to worry.   :biggrin:

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