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That's pretty cool. I'm not a rural farm person and didn't grow up with it, but my grandparents got a ranch when I was young so I got some exposure to it. I thought it was awesome, just really, really different. When I started using chairs I wouldn't go into pens with livestock. I thought it was suicidal. I tried it with horses and some cows and was constantly scared to death, lol. I couldn't move quickly and didn't like the idea of a thousand pound animal heading right for me. Very dangerous to not be able to move the hell outta the way.

I also couldn't move hay bales or saddle horses or do much of anything constructive, so ranching was out, haha.

How the heck does a dog get hit by a school bus on a farm? Although I met a bunch of farm people in NV and the attitude towards animals tended to be a heck of a lot different than what I was used to.
In the News (publicly viewable board) / Canine H3N2 13 states
« Last post by responsiblek9 on Today at 03:53:48 PM »

The deadly flu has now been confirmed in 13 different states: Illinois, Alabama, California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, and now Ohio.
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: I hate my puppy
« Last post by Emily on Today at 02:04:54 PM »
Swimmer, I believe that when MJ said "it is going back" she meant the bitter apple spray, because it was not effective in stopping the puppy (Fenway) from eating her furniture covers (he tried to eat the bottle of bitter apple spray!).  So she's planning to take back the spray, not the puppy, at this time.

MJ, I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with your puppy candidate.  Wish I lived close and could offer some puppy respite...  It sounds like you're doing all the right things, talking with your program, trying to keep puppy busy, etc.  I wish I had more to offer you...I am thiniking of you, though, and hope the situation improves soon, whatever you decide to do.  Hang in there!  :paw: :smile: :paw:
I would rather not email op but I do know a program in Ohio which is in Ohio if you would like the name pm me once you are able to. They seem to be not a scam, but I don't know a ton about them.

Hey Charlie Ann, would you mind PMing me the name of the program too? I'm keeping a list of programs that I might qualify for if I ever do decide to get an SD.
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: I hate my puppy
« Last post by swimmergirl247 on Today at 01:02:51 AM »
when you say "he is going back what do you mean?

one puppy may be "easier" than the other's but that does not mean that dog is right for you down the line. sure he may jump and nip now because he hasn't been taught manners. depending on what you want your dog to ultimately do you can decide if temperament  and bond is more important then say the size or over all intelligence of the dog. but the decision to "trade" puppies shouldn't be based solely on the fact that you simply think you will get an easier puppy because that is not likely

 you said the situation is different its harder and you are having a harder time bonding. most program SD teams that get matched aren't love at first sight(although many say they are) it often takes over a month for a new handler to bond with the SD that was picked for them. what is the difference than this? am I correct in my understanding that you used independent evaluates to pick the puppy for you(smart you)? if so its the same thing.

if it helps I picked my first dog and had an "instant" bond with her. my current prospect was evaluated and choose by the breeder and as I said above its taken me much longer to achieve that bond with him but it has come through time and I would now say we are very close I am definitely his "person" now. give the guy a chance
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: I hate my puppy
« Last post by Roxie on Today at 12:56:42 AM »
If you don't like or love the puppy, why are you keeping it?

Can you have one of the trainers take the pup until it settles down and is partially trained?
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: I hate my puppy
« Last post by MJ on Yesterday at 08:34:17 PM »
I raised my last service dog, Sunny but circumstances were different. I lived with my parents in a house with a yard. I got him at 12 weeks so he had had 2 vaccination and I did not need to worry as much about parvo. We had an immediate bond. It is a lot easier to forgive a cute puppy you love than one you don't love. Sunny came to me with Giardia and Coccidia so we had 2 weeks to bond before he became a destructive whorl wind.

Today I got bitter apple spray because Fenway is trying to eat my furniture covers. He tried to eat the bottle. It is going back.
Planes will always be different than other locations like a grocery store. There isn't much way around that. If you are drunk, act out, threaten yourself or someone else, joke about terrorism, refuse to put your seat belt on or if there is serious interruption they are going to ground the plane and possibly the party involved. It isn't the same as a more lax location like a store. Airlines mean business over these types of things.

In this case the pilot may or may not have been aware of how this would be handled by the parents. He probably only heard there would be serious disruption and a potential for scratching of other people. And then he made a call on it. I don't know if this is the right or wrong call because I wasn't there and don't know all the details. I'd like to think benefit of the doubt could be given to the parents who would be able to handle the situation, but then again the guy is responsible for an entire plane of people. It's hard to really know.

I can probably guess that the entire plane would not be aware of what was going on, or if they were maybe they would understand. I have a serious fear of flying, but I wouldn't say anything other than sweat it to our gate. Any commotion on a plane really makes me uncomfortable. Just the lady arguing about bring her dog on board the last time made me want to get off. I think it is the feeling of being trapped in the air that gets me and I have no escape route. But, if I recognized the issue as a child with a serious disability I'd more than likely feel better about it, but they don't exactly tell you what is going on over the loudspeaker. I've mostly seen crew settle problems by being extremely stern with no room for argument and they tend to keep it as quite as possible. This is mostly why I try and always fly Red Eye, it tends to be more quite and settled and makes me feel a lot calmer. I have yet to see any major problems on a plane at 1am when everyone is asleep.

Anyway, just my thoughts on it again.
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: I hate my puppy
« Last post by Magesteff on Yesterday at 11:05:01 AM »
We adopted Ozzie from Animal Control, he was about 6 months old, house trained to do his business outside. But he was still just a puppy at heart. My mom said "We never with through this with the other dogs!"

The other dogs with  the exception of the first one more than 40 years ago, were all small breeds, but yes, they did do the same things. The difference was size. So it wasn't that the dog was doing anything different, it was just on a different scale.

You go 10, 12,  16 years it is often hard to recall the trials one had to go through with the previous dog when it was young.

Hang in there MJ, it will get better over time.
Roxie that is for my friend not me. I have a meltdown every six months or so(more so a child).
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