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"whatever the cost" .... Yeah, no. Personally if they can come up with an official licensing and registration for service dogs, I think that would solve a lot of problems. But the "cost" should be reasonable.
Anything to cut back on the ignorant pet owners, or worse the owners that know better but don't care, from bringing their pets in and passing them off as service animals... Plus anything that would cut back on actual service dog teams from being harassed and/or denied access - All of that would be good.
As I'm not fully aware of all laws pertaining to SDITs... I'll just comment on the other dog. Why can anyone honestly say an animal isn't a service animal "because its about to retire". Like... That's beyond stupid.
Meh. I'd be more concerned over the never washed carts and baskets that have been handled by hundreds of different people. *shrugs* But I don't know if people consider that sometimes.

Smaller private grocery stores bring pets in behind their counters, I'm not really surprised. At least 2/3 stopped after being cited so some good came of it.
Well now we know why she had two dogs and the reason actually makes sense.
Local girl can keep diabetes alert dog thanks to generous donations 28, 2014Share
... to Emma's family falling behind on payments for the $19,000 service dog. But now, thanks to the generous donation, Angel will continue to watch over Emma.
Hearing on service animals barred from Eugene store complete ...
The Oregonian-by Laura Gunderson-Jul 29, 2014Share
Michel Hilt-Hayden said she relies on her service dogs Panda and Contessa, who were barred from the Duck Stop Market last year by the store's owner who ...
Common sense rules when service dogs visit hospital
Alton Telegraph-Jul 29, 2014Share
Sandra Chambers of Bethalto was an inpatient at AMH this summer for two days on the Medical Care Unit, during which time her service dog, an 8-year-old
Tough stuff. If your dog bites someone, which it doesn't appear she stated the dog did not bite a neighbor, it needs to be muzzled and treated as a dangerous animal. Apologies if it inconveniences your life a little bit.

The Logan Banner-20 hours agoShare
Each wore little vests that read “service dogs in training.” ... Try getting on an airplane that doesn't include a dog nestled against their owner, who refuses to let it ...
Family searches for missing service dog
KATU-10 hours agoShare
Rocky is Crawford's emotional support service dog, helping her cope with ... So that's why I chose to get a service animal instead of get medicated.” But Crawford ...
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