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People ignorant of 25-year-old law
HeraldNet-Jul 28, 2015
First, I went to district court in Monroe because I had been summoned. The same day I received the summons, I called and explained that I had a service dog that ...
STAFFORD Service Dogs
640 Toronto News-Jul 29, 2015
I believe that I have a duty and an obligation to the service dog community to challenge Adjudicator (Brian) Cook's calculation of monetary damages..
Puppy Raising (publicly viewable board) / Re: Fear Period?
« Last post by Kayden on Today at 01:28:37 PM »
Thanks for the response Kirsten. He is from German show-lines.

He doesn't care about people coming to the door, more things going by the front window and dogs on leashes when we are walking. He doesn't seem to care if, when we're walking, the dog is in a yard.

Working Like a Dog Qualifying As A Service Animal For ADA ...
The National Law Review-Jul 29, 2015
Service Dog The technical guidelines explain that, under the ADA, a service animal is a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an ...

Dog saves blind man after Jacksonville hit-and-run
First Coast News-20 hours ago
Mikey is his service dog who never leaves his side. Thrift takes Mikey for long walks along Herlong Road every day, suited up in a yellow vest for safety.

Kansas soldier honored for his service now under attack by ... hours ago
Last February, he got a free service dog; all because of his service half a world away in ... what he referred to fictitious accounts of Garrison's service and injuries.
$15000 Diabetic Alert Dog Vendors Called Frauds
Courthouse News Service-2 hours ago
Diabetic alert dogs can smell the fluctuation in blood sugar levels and warn the ... Certified service dog trainers have told the Carachures that Hero is untrained ...
They released this statement, "We require payment in advance along with a cleaning and damage deposit for rental units. It is our understanding that the guest was unwilling to agree to this, and no reservation was made."

Is this fee specifically for dogs in the cabin, or does everyone have to pay a cleaning and damage deposit?

Doesn't the DOJ say that service dog handlers and not required to pay additional fees that pet owners have to pay?

Purdue professor looking to expand research on service dogs hours ago
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) Jody Mitchell-Heath takes her service dog Ella almost everywhere she goes. Before Ella there was Fin, but ...
Local Man Says Service Dog Denied from Campground
WROC-TV-Jul 28, 2015
LE ROY, N.Y. (WROC)- Glen Hoehn, a Byron man says his service dog has always been accepted in all public places, until last weekend.

Hoehn's German Shepard, is being trained to help him with both.
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