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EducationSites with information about service dogs, or educational dog sites with information relevant to service dog owners.6
Legal StuffLinks to the kinds of legal stuff you'd like to print off, or have handy, such as the Business Brief or text of 28 CFR 36.104.12
TrainingLinks to articles about training.10
 Sub Categories: Training Videos  
Member BlogsIf you have an off-site blog and want all your friends to know about it, share your link here!  (We'll be adding a blogroll feature to the front end of the site later.)11
ProductsThese are various products recommended by members.  Do not post in this category about products you have a financial interest in EXCEPT those that qualify in the MEMBER'S PRODUCTS area.  SDC makes no warranty about any products mentioned here 16
 Sub Categories: Gear  Grooming Supplies  Kennel Supplies  MEMBER'S PRODUCTS  
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Bead Lavada Jewelry Rating: 3
A Berry Handsome Service Dog Rating: 3
Service Dogs: A Way of Life Rating: 3
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How to Break Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt Hits: 976 
Service Dogs: A Way of Life Hits: 895 
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Into to the Wheelchair Hits: 684 
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