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  1. Cats compatible with Service Dogs?
  2. MOVED: new and a bit discoiraged
  3. a little snag...
  4. finding a service Vs. Trainer
  5. can any1 help? psych dogs UK
  6. MOVED: psych service Dog
  7. can we repell nosy people, and how in a non verbal way ??
  8. being perceived as aproachable because you are disabled with a SD.
  9. People trying to BUY your service dog
  10. Another negative
  11. Starting Out/Is this a good idea?
  12. Newfoundland?
  13. Developing criteria for determining when a child is "old enough" for a SD
  14. Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities
  15. Selecting a Program
  16. TRIGGER _ Alcohol and service dogs dont mix!
  18. Public scrutiny
  19. what if you get well?
  20. IAADP Response On Protection Training Issue
  21. Educate Your Community
  22. Risks and negative consequences of protection dogs for individuals with PTSD
  23. Most Frequently asked Questions
  24. Partnership is a two-way street
  25. Service Dogs for Children with Disabilities When are they the right prescription