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  1. Not sure if I'm "disabled" enough?
  2. I've been thinking...
  3. Should Independence of your SD Be a Goal?
  4. I am sad...
  5. Is a PSD right for me??
  6. Moving to a new home with SDIT
  7. Should I Have My Dog Trained To Be A PSD Dog?
  8. Considering a PSD
  9. German Shepherds for Service Dogs?
  10. SD size opinions wanted!
  11. Is a PSD right for you...
  12. Whats the opposite of an access issue?
  13. A Few Questions
  14. Puppy/Service Dog/Therapy dog
  15. Temporary blindness help?
  16. Dr. suggested a service dog. Have questions
  17. advise on breed to meet son sd needs
  18. animal rights issues and service dogs
  19. considering service dog for mental health issues - any advice?
  20. things I'm concerned about - any advice?
  21. re: any experience with these programs?
  22. Training for Nefoundland Pup
  23. Decision Making for Future SD, need opinions...
  24. Using your dog?
  25. Thinking about getting a PSD (thoughts, stories, advice?)
  26. Mental health
  27. Service Dog and getting a job
  28. In-home SDs?
  29. Keeping your SD Happy and Healthy
  30. Can my dog become certified to help with severe anxiety and panic attacks
  31. Do I qualify for a service dog or esa?
  32. Should I consider...?
  33. feeling derailed about my Idea of an SD...HELP
  34. Should I make my dog a ESA or PSD?
  35. Is My Disability Good Enough To Apply For A Service Dog?
  36. looking for a RANGE of what an SD costs in a year.......
  37. Wondering about a Medical alert dog
  38. Guilt over wanting a service dog even though I qualify
  39. SD vs. power assist rims. anyone have one/the other/both?-long sorry
  40. PSD and College
  41. Applying for a Service Dog...
  42. would a PSD help me?
  43. ESD vs. PSD?
  44. SDs and Visible vs Invisible Disabilities
  45. Conflict with my family
  46. this would be an ESA, and not a service dog, right?
  47. Would an SD help me?
  49. Can my wife use her dog as a service dog?
  50. PSD/ESA in Europe