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  1. Cars
  2. Service dogs and blood clots
  3. Discouraged . . .
  4. Does emergency-only need count?
  5. Considering training my pup as a PSD
  6. Not to be generic, but looking for outsider opinions.
  7. Interested in getting PSD
  8. Considering a SD
  9. Considering a SD (the no-goat thread)
  10. Starting out training
  11. Not Disabled "All the time..."
  12. I don't know if I would qualify or not.
  13. Could I qaulify for a PSD dog?
  14. Can't decide if a service dog would be appropriate for my disorders.
  15. Would I be eligible for a service dog?
  16. Need help determining if I can/should have a PSD
  17. Is a service dog right for me? What are some good programs to look into?
  18. SD/ESA for severely mentally/physically handicapped boy
  19. Having doubts/worries... could use some feedback
  20. ESA or PSD to help with severe phobia (among other issues)?
  21. New member - service dog organizations
  22. Rules and laws for emotional service dogs in Ontario, Canada
  23. Am I too high functioning?
  24. "snappy" comebacks
  25. Job seeking and re-entering the workforce with a SD
  26. Reasons for wanting a service dog
  27. Not sure how to title this
  28. going back to school or to work once having a service dog?
  29. New, with a question
  30. Calling all Doberman SD owners!
  31. what to do when isolated from resources?
  32. New Therapist- bringing up a PSD
  33. Unsure if Service Dog Needed...
  34. On AWARE Dogs
  35. New to SDs, interested in psych SDs
  36. How can I convince my family to allow me to get a Service Dog?
  37. Service dog working with 2 people?
  38. Service dog interview- anxious and doubtful of myself
  39. I'm new and I need some feedback...
  40. How to get PSD?
  41. Wondering if I've made the right decision - advice, please?
  42. New to field :) Got some questions please :)
  43. Is a service dog right for me?
  44. Are there any places that train goldendoodles to be guide dogs?
  45. My 10 year old daughter has Autism. Is a service dog right for her?
  46. Unreasonable to train an SD for this?
  47. Doubting Myself
  48. Confused with lots of questions
  49. Possibly a Stupid Question
  50. For a new friend