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  1. Looking into a PSD as part of a treatment/recovery plan...
  2. Don't know where to start
  3. Could I get a service dog?
  4. Printable resources????
  5. Possibly silly concern
  6. Do I qualify for a service dog?
  7. SD Breeds & Replacement SDs
  8. When to talk with a trainer?
  9. Can I Qualify To Get A Service Dog
  10. PSD may help - not sure
  11. Could a service dog help me? (Do I qualify?)
  12. In terms of service dogs, what qualifies as "disabled"?
  13. Service Dog Breeds
  14. Executive dysfunction assistance?
  15. Would a service dog be right for me?
  16. Would a service dog be able to help me?
  17. YEAH! Letter from MD coming!
  18. Feasible task?
  19. Embarrassed to talk about looking for a service dog
  20. Service Dog for Depression?
  21. Looking for a PSD
  22. Request for a private interview
  23. Getting my psd(prospect)
  24. mixed feelings about getting a PSD. help?
  25. service dog prescription? preparing for the talk with my doctor
  26. Service dogs and multiple issues
  27. PTSD, severe anxiety, melancholic depression--programs that could help?
  28. New Service Dog Question
  29. Suggestions please
  30. Allergies and friends, how to handle it?
  31. Where to start...
  32. Where do I find a PSD in Orange County, CA
  33. Letter/Prescription from Doctor...
  34. possible SD candidate
  35. Not sure what to do now...
  36. At "serious consideration" stage. (guide dog, with some other things)
  37. Looking for help
  38. Need advice on ESA vs SD
  39. Thoughts on SD in college
  40. Help finding a dog
  41. Would my daughter benefit from a psychiatric service dog?
  42. Looking for Help
  43. Weighing in on my potential 2nd SD
  44. Service dog question- no idea where to post!
  45. Anxiety, Service dogs, and me.
  46. Veteran considering a service dog
  47. Vizslas, anyone?
  48. What next?
  49. a PSD sounds too good to be true... I want to believe!
  50. Insurance Coverage