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  1. Puppy Raising Question
  2. The Stop and Drop!
  3. Down to two puppies
  4. Going to evaluate (GSD) puppies Wednesday
  5. Litter update
  6. Identified a Breeder for my next pup
  7. Looking for a chart to predict adult size when "puppy" is over 6 months old
  8. New Puppy
  9. And so begins my bittersweet journey.
  10. Housebreaking
  11. Help with a friends SDIT!!!
  12. Request for Breeder Recommendation
  13. Secret started Heel
  14. How not to train surfaces
  15. New puppy in a few months, lots of questions!
  16. Secret training on stairs
  17. Questions to ask a breeder?
  18. Big Day for Mishka!
  19. Puppy raising a future sd
  20. Meet Seeley Bruce!
  21. Is the DHLP Puppy 2 vaccination absolutely needed?
  22. The Exercise Needs of a Puppy
  23. Bowling alleys (asking for somebody in a group)
  24. Cost of a Puppy in the first year
  25. Teaching retrieve at early ages
  26. teaching sit at early ages
  27. How To Help Prevent Puppy 'Accidents'
  28. Puppy mouthing, biting require training
  29. Really could use some insight about Aslan and aggression.
  30. Tardis's last puppy post
  31. Dirac at 17 weeks
  33. When you want to strangle your adolescent
  34. Training treats and pouches
  35. Dirac has a problem.
  36. Would love input regarding training Aslan to use potty pads?
  37. Naomi Graduated Puppy Class!!
  38. Pros and cons of biting a nipping puppies ear?
  39. Dirac -- prospective candidate?
  40. Question about how to train tuck your tail?
  41. The state of the Tardis report
  42. First Bath!
  43. Puppy Name Ideas?
  44. Proud Puppy Parent!
  45. Lady had her first class today!
  46. Proud of Tardis in class
  47. Tardis's first adult play group
  48. Stairs
  49. Tardis begins level 2
  50. Last nights visit with memphis