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  1. I didn't know where to put this, but I found the breeder for my future SD.
  2. questions regarding tethering?
  3. he's here!
  4. Begging Deterrent
  5. When is the dog ready to go from a puppy candidate to a SDIT?
  6. Dog breaks when being praised
  7. Socializing older pups?
  8. My puppy embarrasses me (yet again!)
  9. Shaken... Need advice.
  10. Oh. My. Goodness. Teething?
  11. Doggy daycare?
  12. First bad experience...
  13. Brag, two nights without a potty run and no accidents.
  14. Ollie met the street sweeper and some chatter.
  15. Miss being here
  16. Someone followed me home.
  17. Training regimen
  18. An opportunity dropped into my lap...
  19. Trouble with Ahni
  20. Others with same breed
  21. Stairs have officially been CONQUERED!!!
  22. Aslan is getting assessed next week... I'm nervous
  23. His name Is Gabriel
  24. I think Aslan is picking up bad habits from sisters out of control dog.. Advice?
  25. Stun Guns, Fear Periods, and Getting Attacked
  26. He stayed in his boundary!! For the first time!! Way to go Aslan!!
  27. Bonding
  28. My pup's lost his mind! (Again!)
  29. Puppy raising with others....
  30. So that happened...
  31. It is official ...
  32. Introducing Mister Axel!
  33. Secret and her Brother Sailor CGC
  34. How many hours a day should a 14 month pup have for each activity?
  35. Protective Barking, at night... 14 month old pup.
  36. Secret update
  37. General puppy stuff, and a question about barking?
  38. Giving barking an "on/off switch"
  39. How old is too old?
  40. So Bad!
  41. General puppy training resource
  42. Secret at 7 months old
  43. Age Appropriate Tasks
  44. Crate training
  45. Secret and her brother on distraction proofing sit stays
  46. Guess who's home!
  47. I wish....
  48. Seven weeks
  49. Meet Qiva :)
  50. I met my puppy!!!