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  1. Southern CaliforniaALERT:Rare mosquitoes carrying canine heartworm found in San
  2. Potentially Lethal tropical fungus spreading in northwest
  3. Heartworm-Preventive Shortage?!
  4. Flea Treatment Uh Oh
  5. Stress Management For Dogs
  6. AVCO - Merial Service Dog Eye Test
  7. Complaints of dogs and cats injured and sometimes even killed by flea treatments
  8. Briefs: Rabid skunk prompts warning to Burleson pet owners
  9. EPA Takes a Closer Look at Pet Pesticides Today
  10. Vaccines 'are making our dogs sick as vets cash in'
  11. Texas Bulldog Owner Wins Verdict Against Hartz Mountain Pet Products
  12. Lubbock Texas Residents urged to be on lookout after case of rabies reported in
  13. Schools raising money for K-9 cancer research
  14. Icy weather brings canine constipation
  15. Genetic Study in to Cruciate Disease in Newfoundland Dogs
  16. New research reveals 155 regions in canine genome likely influenced by .
  17. Australia Vets Recommend Vaccination for Dogs to Prevent Canine Parvovirus Spre
  18. PET CORNER: Read labels before applying lawn treatments
  19. AU / Parvo - Virus Warning
  20. Dogs can suffer from weight problems,
  21. February is Pet Dental Health Month
  22. Area dogs with epilepsy help test drug at vet school
  23. Idaho / Dogs Euthanized at Animal Shelter because of Virus
  24. Toronto dogs-and-cats-at-risk-as-epidemic-kills-raccoons
  25. Chiropractic, veterinary groups negotiate roles in animal care
  26. Sleep apnea most common in flat-faced breeds
  27. MERIAL Receives Full License Approval for ONCEPT(TM) Canine Melanoma Vaccine
  28. New York/ City Now Vaccinating Raccoons for Rabies
  29. Distemper rise has vets worried
  30. Banfield Releases Latest Pet Oral Health Data
  31. Why do pets eat weird, dangerous things?
  32. Idea Exchange: A handy at-home urine collection kit
  33. Exercise intolerance in retrievers
  34. Dog breeds that swallow stuff they shouldn't
  35. Aussie triannual vaccinations
  36. New vaccine could minimize severity, experts say -Dog Flu
  37. Evolution shaped dogs' faces faster than wolves, coyotes
  38. Genetic scientists explore how centuries of breeding have altered dogs' DNA
  39. N.Y. dog infected with H1N1; study shows virus not in pork
  40. Eye Problem
  41. Merial granted full licensure for canine melanoma vaccine
  42. Arizona Sees Record Number of Rabies Cases
  43. Cold feets
  44. Research study on EPI needs samples from affected dogs
  45. stress breakout type stuff?
  46. Shampoo HELP?
  47. ear cleaning
  48. "Pet" Insurance for SDs?
  49. Assist dog tests
  50. 'Several pet healthcare reasons' behind grazing