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  2. Funding For Canine Health Research
  3. North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association Releases Podcast ...
  4. UK / Outbreak of mystery dog disease
  5. Exeter-Made FroYo Dog Treats Recalled
  6. Two More Target Store Dog Product Recalls For Possible Salmonella
  7. What's New In The Veterinary Profession What's New In The ...
  8. Food Safety Alert: Target Recalls Dog Treats Over Salmonella
  9. Arrrrrg sick dog
  10. RECALL: Pig Ears & Other Dog Treats Sold at Target Stores
  11. Marijuana toxicity and your pet
  12. New F-Strain Parvo Virus:
  13. Dog Health 101: Common Symptoms Dangerous?
  14. Nature's Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken recall
  15. Prednisone Question - (vet closed)
  16. What's New In The Veterinary Profession Virbac launches parvo ...
  17. Fat chance of weight loss for Oscar
  18. Fresh Patch Encourages Dog Owners to Explore Research on the ...
  19. Research looks at the benefit of BLIS K12 probiotic in dogs
  20. New Test Allows Dog Owners to Figure out What Foods Their Pets ...
  21. Obesity in pets -- Another epidemic
  22. Should your dog get a flu shot?
  23. IMHA is a serious but treatable illness
  24. Vet Q&A: Health and safety issues in parks and off-leash areas
  25. Hit His Head
  26. Richmond Veterinarian Recommends Pet Acupuncture for Animals ...
  27. Bay View dogs beware!
  28. Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Human and Dog in Same Georgia ...
  29. INTERVIEW: Lyme Disease
  30. How To Tell If Your Dog Is Losing Its Sight
  31. Dog almost dies from reaction to shampoo
  32. Cut kibble costs
  33. Crazy pooch prescriptions
  34. Innovative Fort Collins company offers hope to pet owners
  35. Visits to the vet
  36. Q&A: Does cryptorchid make neuter surgery more difficult?
  37. After dog's death, pet owner wants rope toys take off shelves
  38. Love interrupted: Rare disease threatens dogs
  39. 'People food,' drugs can prove deadly to pets
  40. Pet owners struggle to keep control at height of flea season
  41. Stoner Dogs Should You Be Worried?
  42. Pet Treat Recall: Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
  43. Puppy toilet training tips from Mosman veterinarian Dr Rachele Lowe
  44. Canine cop receives stem cell treatment in Wyoming
  45. Dog gas: Is there any way to stop it?
  46. Caring for Pets Teeth
  47. October 1 - medicine day
  48. Heartworm disease, the silent killer
  49. Ask a Vet: Dogs, acorns and danger
  50. Scientists tracking spread of new to North America, european tapeworm