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  1. Canine flu not the same as human flu
  2. New rodenticide without antidote alarms pet toxicology experts
  3. Denver a hot spot for canine flu
  4. Monthly reminder
  5. Lawsuit / Dog-Lover Says Treats May Kill Pets
  6. Leptospirosis Prevalent After Hurricane Sandy, Assisi Veterinary ...
  7. Beneful blamed for sick dogs
  8. Dremel tip
  9. Tufts Study: 'Bully Sticks' May Be Bad For Dogs, Owners
  10. Nutro dog food - more than 1000 complaints
  11. Why to keep you dog's rabies shots up to date
  12. Pancreatic condition in dogs can be treated
  13. Hartz Pulls Two Contaminated Dog Treats Off The Shelves
  14. Nail Cut Too Short
  15. A gassy dog's diet might not agree with him
  16. Food Allergy Causing Ear Infection
  17. Canine trial tests novel medication for brain tumors
  18. Skin Allergies And Reactions In Dogs
  19. Pad abrasion ...seems to itch, licks it a lot....treatment?
  20. Dumb vet
  21. You Can Help Prevent Hip Dysplasia in your Dog
  22. If you use Heartgard...
  23. Golden retrievers needed for ground-breaking CSU study
  24. AKC Canine Health Foundation Fights Bloat in Dogs
  25. Doggy Goo
  26. Service dogs in Mexico
  27. Two more chicken jerky recalls
  28. Corn Cobs Are Not For Dogs
  29. Dog owners blame Beneful for their pets' illness
  30. Clean Your Dog's Toys Safely
  31. Chicken dog treats made in China being recalled
  32. petMD Survey Reveals Pet Owners Are Confused about Dog and
  33. The Best and Worst of Pet Food in 2012 from The Truth About Pet Food
  34. Company pursues first lymphoma drug for dogs
  35. Scientists study occurrence of canine influenza in China
  36. First Doggie Toothpaste To Receive The VOHC Seal of Acceptance - Follow Up
  37. Ask a Vet: What is Ehler Danlos Syndrome?
  38. Genetics of Brindle & Tan Point Labs
  39. golden retrievers,skin disorders collectively known as ichthyosis
  40. Outdoor Tick traps
  41. Hobbit toes
  42. Leon yet again
  43. Caring for a Dog With a 'Pushed-In' Face
  44. Pioneering Vaccine Against Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis tick borne disease
  45. Dog undergoes first-of-its kind muscle transplant
  46. Pukay: Care required when dog gets too close to wet paint
  47. It's December 1st....
  48. Alternative to furminator?
  49. Millions of Pets Don't Get Regular Health Care
  50. Chagas disease hits home