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  1. Sudden "Fly Snapping"
  2. tick and flea treatments, which have you chosen and why?
  3. What is your preferred method for shortening nails?
  4. Ear cleaning and viniger
  5. using a sedative on Teddy for grooming
  6. Max and treats/kongs/food
  7. MOVED: How much walking is enough/too much?
  8. New pet food documentary on Netflix
  9. Advice for switching diets?
  10. Gastroplexy
  11. Hot weather asphalt walking boot recommendations please
  12. Raw frozen chicken?
  13. Need refresher - how long to withhold food after regurgitating/vomiting?
  14. Yak cheese chew is the best thing ever
  15. What to do when traveling by plane and feeding home made?
  16. Vaccinations
  17. Anal Abrasions?
  18. URGENT "Against The Grain" dog food recall; barbiturate contamination
  19. Blue Buffalo canned food recall
  20. floating kibble
  21. itchy puppy
  22. Blue Ridge Beef Pet Food Recall
  23. Waiting to Speuter
  24. Best cut for a working poodle?
  25. Car sickness?
  26. Terrified that I hurt my dog
  27. Male dog not lifting leg?
  28. That's disgusting!!!
  29. Grooming glove
  30. Kong Zoom Groom
  31. Looking for grooming table suggestions!
  32. ripped toenail, stopping bleeding
  33. Charcoal and Peroxide
  34. Amazing news!!!
  35. Free month of NexGard
  36. Broken Nail and Stomach Upset
  37. Poodles and Grooming Needs
  38. Fast eating
  39. 'Hypoallergenic' Dog list
  40. OFA Hip/Elbow X-rays
  41. Shampoo for dry/sensitive skin
  42. Feeding time and DST
  43. Finding a Vet
  44. Teddy's ears....
  45. Nifty caplet cutter
  46. PLEASE DON'T throw sticks
  47. Dealing with a sensitive stomach
  48. Tail chasing?
  49. you know your dog way to well....
  50. Awkward penile emergency