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  12. We got Shadow's meds now.
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  14. eye gunk?
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  17. May Day (the first of May)
  18. Fleas, fleas, fleas....
  19. Health Matters: The Hype on Hips
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  22. Spike in bacterial infection among dogs prompts call for vaccinations Orlando
  23. Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to risks from heartworm medication
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  25. Kong clown review by Tardis
  26. Hips
  27. Daily vomit
  28. Diapers for an old girl
  29. dog size and rabies shots
  30. Someone really stinks -- AGAIN
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  32. 'Tis the first of the month, my friends!
  33. Dog Emergencies: Illness or Injury
  34. Dog Dry Eye or Canine KCS a Winter Health Risk Reports Eye ...
  35. Vislas-Evaluation of the risk and age of onset of cancer and behavioral ...
  36. RECALL: Pro-Pet recalls dry dog and cat food due to possible .
  37. Thermoregulation in Brachycephalic Dogs
  38. 'Tis the first of the month...
  39. Possible hot spot developing
  40. Cat litter is dangerous
  41. Dog ticks burrow into Alaska, plan to stay
  42. dander dog
  43. Jerky Dog Treats Back on Shelves
  44. Wish us luck tomorrow!
  45. Vomitting and diarreha after destroying sardine can
  46. Very upset and worried about Cara
  47. Chapped winter paw pads, any ideas for treatment?
  48. afraid of Nail Clipping
  49. Terrible time with hot spot
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