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  2. vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive upsets
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  10. The shedding is killing me
  11. Exercise during a day in the office
  12. Would any of you ever consider...?
  13. I think Nim has lost some sensation in her back legs
  14. Ideas for a puppy with an upset stomach
  15. patellar luxation in flat-coated retrievers
  16. Karyopharm's drug for dog lymphoma nears approval
  17. weird boy dog nipple question
  18. Runny eye
  19. Mange update!
  20. Very good article (IMO) about DNA health testing and breeding
  21. 'Tis the first o' the month....
  22. Brushing teeth
  23. Should I trust this vet?
  24. Essential Oils To Repel Bugs?
  25. It there anything I can do to help him?
  26. The wait...
  27. Update/Rehash of Flea issue
  28. Mr Shads has the cone of shame
  29. It's official...
  30. We got Shadow's meds now.
  31. It's mange...
  32. eye gunk?
  33. bald spots :(
  34. HELP! PLEASE!! Is this blood in Nim's stool? Should I see a vet..
  35. May Day (the first of May)
  36. Fleas, fleas, fleas....
  37. Health Matters: The Hype on Hips
  38. sudden onset personal hygiene problem
  39. Dog won't drink at (my) work...
  40. Spike in bacterial infection among dogs prompts call for vaccinations Orlando
  41. Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to risks from heartworm medication
  42. Grooming tools for a Lab?
  43. Kong clown review by Tardis
  44. Hips
  45. Daily vomit
  46. Diapers for an old girl
  47. dog size and rabies shots
  48. Someone really stinks -- AGAIN
  49. Crate cleaning!
  50. 'Tis the first of the month, my friends!