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  1. Bravecto anyone?
  2. Parvo virus and Service Dogs
  3. Scent-free waterless shampoo?
  4. Soap Free Shampoo Suggestions/Recommendations?
  5. Abby 1 hip surgery is today and I am pricing doggie wheelchairs
  6. Tips for those raw paws?
  7. It's that time!
  8. I feel so lucky and blessed!
  9. Maigee's Vet Visit
  10. Dover has a split paw
  11. Losing the battle against road salt
  12. How do we follow the vet's instructions?
  13. Short double coat shed control/bathing tips?
  14. Tia's surgery is tomorrow Fri. 30th
  15. Muscle Maintenance
  16. Cauda Equina or Degenerative Myelopathy
  17. Tia is limping
  18. Sensitive paws
  19. Exercise
  20. Do you feed your SD once or twice a day?
  21. Playing is fun, but falling hurts!!!
  22. Request for experiences with the vet
  23. YAY!
  24. Old dogs grooming and care questions,
  25. Alli has swimmer's tail :(
  26. How often do you bathe your dog?
  27. Average monthly cost?
  28. If you regularly give heartworm medication on the 1st of the month...
  29. really dirty ear
  30. Heartworm Preventative Vaccine?
  31. 'Tis the first of the month!
  32. spruce pitch
  33. "Tis the first o' the month...
  34. site for poisoning
  35. spaying
  36. Bad Breath issues, any solution?
  37. Switching Kibble
  38. Tardis: first injury (minor)
  39. 'Tis the first o' the month....
  40. Shaved up and drugged.
  41. How do you decide which groomer to take your SD to?
  42. Paw Pad Health and Conditioning
  43. I think we've found the cause...
  44. Corn and your dog
  45. August 1st
  46. Hot spot... help
  47. MOVED: Under weight animals with Kidney issues
  48. Dental hygiene
  49. Suprelorin
  50. Bladder infection?