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  1. Do you feed your SD once or twice a day?
  2. Playing is fun, but falling hurts!!!
  3. Request for experiences with the vet
  4. YAY!
  5. Old dogs grooming and care questions,
  6. Alli has swimmer's tail :(
  7. How often do you bathe your dog?
  8. Average monthly cost?
  9. If you regularly give heartworm medication on the 1st of the month...
  10. really dirty ear
  11. Heartworm Preventative Vaccine?
  12. 'Tis the first of the month!
  13. spruce pitch
  14. "Tis the first o' the month...
  15. site for poisoning
  16. spaying
  17. Bad Breath issues, any solution?
  18. Switching Kibble
  19. Tardis: first injury (minor)
  20. 'Tis the first o' the month....
  21. Shaved up and drugged.
  22. How do you decide which groomer to take your SD to?
  23. Paw Pad Health and Conditioning
  24. I think we've found the cause...
  25. Corn and your dog
  26. August 1st
  27. Hot spot... help
  28. MOVED: Under weight animals with Kidney issues
  29. Dental hygiene
  30. Suprelorin
  31. Bladder infection?
  32. Coughing and Sneezing?
  33. vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive upsets
  34. New drug may stop your dog's allergy-related itching
  35. Neutering health effects more severe for golden retrievers than Labradors
  36. itchy dog - dry skin maybe?
  37. D you let your dogs eat grass from the backyard?
  38. Question regarding dogs using chlorine pools and bathing after
  39. 'Tis the first o' July....
  40. Panting, peeing and drinking
  41. The shedding is killing me
  42. Exercise during a day in the office
  43. Would any of you ever consider...?
  44. I think Nim has lost some sensation in her back legs
  45. Ideas for a puppy with an upset stomach
  46. patellar luxation in flat-coated retrievers
  47. Karyopharm's drug for dog lymphoma nears approval
  48. weird boy dog nipple question
  49. Runny eye
  50. Mange update!