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  1. Tehachapi Puppy Training For Guide Dogs Of America
  2. Company announces stem cell therapy for animals
  3. How a dog's eyes work
  4. UK/ Man denied access on bus with dog
  5. Dogs Help Wounded Soldiers Cope
  6. Dogs help wounded warriors heal
  7. Disabled veteran's car vandalized
  8. Mainers donate $15000 to fund girl's service dog
  9. Letter: Column provides one side to Condo Association vs. cat
  10. Diabetic girl, 6, has life saved four times a WEEK by dog which knows when she .
  11. VA provides limited benefits for service dogs
  12. Psychiatric Drug Research Findings in Canada
  13. Service dog at center of NJ dispute
  14. ADA protections come aboard cruise ships
  15. City Board Will Advertise For Bids
  16. Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation co-founder dies
  17. Animal Hospital Donates Services for Service Dog
  18. Resident raises puppies to be better friends for those with disabilities
  19. Service dogs show their skills at St. V
  20. Host homes needed for Southeastern Guide Dogs
  21. ORPINGTON: Minicab firm accused of turning down guide dog passenger
  22. School unites to help Jean Howes
  23. Dog helps Aurora man battle high healthcare costs
  24. Woman Hopes New Service Dog Will Help Her Make Friends
  25. Bull terriers might attack guide dogs but aggression towards humans is a ..
  27. Commitments to Service, Off Hours
  28. Anyone else see this?
  29. SFU won't let dog cross graduation stage
  30. USDA licenses first-ever canine influenza vaccine
  31. Police Blotter: Woman, dog threatened at knifepoint
  32. Court orders death of hero fireman's dog
  33. Blind Discrimination
  34. Dogs learn how to 'heal'
  35. Wounded Warrior Gets a New "Leash" on Life
  36. Blind Brockton woman: Seeing Eye dog not allowed into restaurant
  37. Precious is more than just a dog
  38. Veteran's goal: Get guide dogs to others with PTSD
  39. Study Focuses on Cancer in Golden Retrievers
  40. New-found freedom can be puppy shaped
  41. Local Advocates Push For Expanded Service Dog Protection
  42. Former pet store owner faces 12 cruelty charges
  43. Infrastructure giant created after three companies merge
  44. 7 out of 10 people with disabilities feel discriminated against
  45. Eve Samples: Condo association forcing 88-year-old woman with dementia to get .
  46. Remarks as Prepared for Delivery By Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez .
  47. Bryan returns to Miss Alabama with confidence
  48. Battle to save guide dog funding
  49. Blind groups welcome taxi driver's 'no guide dog' fine
  50. Disabled Kenner woman sues over inadequate access to polling places