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  1. CRAYFORD: Cafe backtracks after blind man with guide dog was asked to leave
  2. Pit Bulls In Miame-Dade find a loop hole. But is it fair?
  3. 6-Year-Old and her Lifesaving Dog
  4. Seizure Response Dogs for Epileptics
  5. Hypo-Alert Dog Helps Girl with Diabetes
  6. Service animal law needs to be updated
  7. Service animal needed to keep Lower Salford boy safe
  8. Prince and the pawper
  9. Amazing dog services Salt Lake paraplegic
  10. Guide dog 'traumatised' by attacks
  11. Service or menace? Pit bulls skirt law by being used as service dogs
  12. $180M endowment is Seeing Eye's cushion
  13. A young man and his dog: a tale of survival
  14. Audit of Guide and Service Dog Program
  15. A home for people and their guide dogs
  16. Jelly Bean is a Disability Aid Dog
  17. Service dogs assist people with a variety of disabilities
  18. Sleeping Dogs Help Sleep Disorders?
  19. Lawsuit contends Disney discriminates against blind guests
  20. Monroe prison inmates rehab rescued dogs
  21. VA not approving enough service dogs, IG says
  22. Visitor loses service dog at Simi fireworks
  23. National Monument in the Works to Honor Military Dogs
  24. Special Needs Children Hoping To Buy Service Dogs
  25. New signs point the way for the blind
  26. NM / Canine Distemper Shuts Down Animal Shelter
  27. VA acts fast when it feels the need
  28. Eat at Applebee's, help buy a service dog
  29. Blind woman is left after guide dog mauled
  30. Colleges Will Need to Take a Broader View of Discrimination, Campus Lawyers Say
  31. High performance liquid chromatography detects contaminants in dog mammary tumo
  32. Owen Da Gama
  33. My Tom-Tom is a 7/7 hero
  34. Blind Perth woman fears bin obstacle course
  35. What the papers said
  36. BLM wants no dogs on most hiking trails
  37. Pair of N. Korean dogs are state guests at Seoul zoo amid frozen relations
  38. Driving could become a reality for the blind
  39. DNA Testing for Unscooped Dog Poop
  40. Patriotic Point of View
  41. Former Marine touts merits of service dogs
  42. McKinney, old boss reunited in court
  43. texas rabies alert
  44. Decision to use service dog not to be taken lightly
  45. Deaf woman's dog gets no respect
  46. The friendly brain of family dogs
  47. Can the National Anthem Help Firework-Phobic Pets?
  48. PANT helps couple
  49. Do dogs and cats really dream?
  50. Groundbreaking Motorcycle Which Can Be Driven from a Wheelchair to Be Featured .