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  1. Military dog comes home from Iraq traumatized
  2. LETTER: Kenzie kicked out
  3. Guide dog attacked
  4. Man fakes seizures to skip out on restaurant bills
  5. Woman may not be able to take service cat in public due to language change in la
  6. Global News helps find missing service dog
  7. Worker can pursue pregnancy bias, ADA claim for transfer
  8. Service dog banned from buffet line
  9. Woman Says Raccoons Attacked Her And Her Dog
  10. David Blunkett: One soggy night under canvas and why I hate camping
  11. So, would this be considered a medical alert dog...?
  12. Mini-horse named Panda is quite the guide animal
  13. The disabilities act still presents challenges
  14. Canine Studies: Go to college, play with dogs
  15. Congress Makes Captioning a Requirement for Online Video ...
  16. Huh? Justice Dept. Bans Talking Kindle and More Nonsense
  17. Petless New Yorkers make friends with dogs who live behind bars
  18. On 20th anniversary of ADA Struggle of people with disabilities continues
  19. Children could be getting salmonella from contaminated pet food
  20. Pomeranian shakes service dog stereotype
  21. School allows service dog
  22. Don't interfere with guide dogs on the job
  23. Should Veteran Be Banned From Big Y Over Her Dog's Doodoo?
  24. Cities Can No Longer Discriminate against Service Dogs Because of ...
  25. Bradley Sheriff Sued Over Service Dog Dispute
  26. Lost service dog found and returned
  27. No dogs allowed, but cancer patient wants companion
  28. Ryan's no ordinary dog
  29. Jobs still a hurdle for disabled Americans
  30. Disabled Anchorage teacher wins $45000
  31. New Supreme Court Justice sworn in about an hour ago
  33. article on James
  34. Service dog calms anxiety for girl having surgery at UH
  35. Blind driver fails in attempt to break 200mph record
  36. Nick's dog provides level of comfort
  37. Service dog puppy helps Florida disabled woman by instinct
  38. Festival raises money for pilot dogs
  39. Service Dog, Pet Returned To Grateful Women
  40. Iams Eukanuba dog food recall.
  41. UPDATE on new changes to Title II and Title III
  42. Missing service dog found in woods
  43. Service Animals
  44. "service animal" changes to include ONLY dogs
  45. MOVED: Dealing witha local person who wants my help.
  46. MOVED: "service animal" changes to include ONLY dogs
  47. MOVED: "service animal" changes to include ONLY dogs
  48. MOVED: New law cards for new regulations
  49. Family claims they were denied boat tour because of disabled daughter
  50. Rocky-Mountain-ADA-Center--New-regulations-approved