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  1. Rocky-Mountain-ADA-Center--New-regulations-approved
  2. Quadriplegic's service dog missing after crash
  3. Missing service dog found in Mt. Olive
  4. Vida and Old Age
  5. Missing service dog
  6. Disabled Bradenton vet searches for lost service dog
  7. Comic-Con 2010: Disabilities Don't Slow Them Down
  8. Fur and feathers fly as San Francisco weighs ban on pet sales
  9. Lost Guide Dog Found
  10. Now an ice cream made exclusively for dogs
  11. Project to protect grass at park not yet complete
  12. The ADA has opened doors in Lee County; 20 years later more still needs to be do
  13. Dangerous dogs law could change
  14. Guest opinion: Goodwill helps disabled, employers get together
  15. Greater awareness, fewer complaints regarding pets in store
  16. Puppies wandered the aisles of a Sobeys
  17. Dogs don't belong in public places
  18. Dogs predict epileptic seizures and warn owners
  19. Health Care Workers Learn from Blind Patients
  20. NZ / Lester has access
  21. Granite remembered for years of service
  22. Missing Service Dog Reunited with Family
  23. Tough time finding work for autistic Ohio adults
  24. Navy Veteran and Service Dog Denied Access
  25. Guide Dogs hires consultants on payment by results basis
  26. Offering a lesson in empathy
  27. Alpha dog? Time for the concept to be unleashed
  28. Yard sale to raise funds for purchase of service dog
  29. Rockville Center Dog Ban Comes To A Head
  30. More airports create areas for pets to take care of business
  31. Ian O'Doherty: Hello pot. Have you met the kettle?
  32. Blockbuster settles disabilities case
  33. DC Airports Get Super Cute Pet Bathrooms
  34. US Pet Owners Paying For High-Tech Veterinary Care
  35. Blind passengers suffer from reaction to guide dogs
  36. Surf City considers revising 3-dog rule
  37. Celebrating 20 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  39. Central Texans raise money for 2 people with medical needs
  40. The Martin Luther King for the disabled
  41. CRAYFORD: Cafe backtracks after blind man with guide dog was asked to leave
  42. Newman's Own Foundation gives $90,000 to Fidelco
  43. Cara Dunne - part of Base Village forever
  44. County to pay deaf woman who wasn't hired $45,000
  45. U.S. Department of Commerce to Join With White House and Federal Communications
  46. Americans with Disabilities Act marks 20-year anniversary
  47. Justice Department Reaches Comprehensive Settlement With National Owner of Gas S
  49. Senate Commerce OK's Telecom Disability Update Bill
  50. Loving Muskogee couple refuses to suffer