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  1. Service dog at heart of civil rights action
  2. Press Release: Justice Department Fines Dallas Bus Company $55,000 for Violatin
  3. Morristown, NJ: Blind woman injured in crash sues ex-Morris County Assistant Pro
  4. Night at flicks for mutts
  5. Some pets allowed in dorms to provide student services
  6. Box-ticking party piece buys Miliband time
  7. Megan Roth aims to keep dog as companion on Lakeland campus
  8. Service dogs complicate disabled woman's attempt to find housing
  9. Hero guide dog given bravery award after vicious attack
  10. Disabled inmates deserve chance to earn time off, lawsuit says
  11. Continental Refuses To Believe Woman's Service Dog Is Real
  12. Degree course for Atherton guide dog trainers
  13. Dog fight ends with hall pass
  14. .Justice Department Publishes Four ADA Accessibility Proposals-Comment Period
  15. Woman training in Harmony to improve Puerto Rico's treatment of animals
  16. News of the Weird: Zucchini-Wielding Woman Frightens Bear
  17. School Buses Not Part of Proposed ADA Revisions
  18. Lost therapy dog back with owner
  19. New Service Animal definition injures the disabled
  20. Refuse 'a hazard' for Elli and her guide dog Alf
  21. Pit Bull Ban Could Become More Difficult To Enforce
  22. Missing Oklahoma Service Dog Found Safe In Missouri
  23. Disabled Fort Worth preacher loses chance for service do
  24. Accessibility argument threatens to derail Columbia dinner train
  25. Howell homeowners' association allegedly discriminating against epileptic with s
  26. Hotel tries evicting veteran with service dog
  27. Blind patron reports rude bus driver
  28. Dog's death blamed on snake; authorities offer safety tips
  29. Warburg varies bylaw to allow service dog for disabled resident
  30. UK / Woman convinced blind pal she was dying
  31. Blind Woman kicked out of two Pretoria malls
  32. UK / Churches failing to welcome disabled people
  33. Service dog helps boy with Down syndrome, but can't come to school
  34. Service dog a 'hero,' guards student against illness
  35. Travelers with disabilities face obstacles at airports
  36. Blind man files civil suit against Clarksville hotel
  37. Milo and Chad
  38. Dog Helps Autistic Boy in School
  39. Pit bull ordinance pulled back
  40. Down syndrome boy denied service dog in school
  41. DOJ to sue Post Properties under FHA, ADA acts
  42. Attention New Jersey voters
  43. Justice department to open Detroit-area civil rights unit
  44. Iditarod leads autistic boy to Xenia for service dog
  45. Woman Guilty Of Denying Hotel Room To Blind Man, Guide Dog
  46. At your service: The next assistance animal you see could be a house-trained hor
  47. Paws and effect: Locally trained service dogs offer partnership and peace of ...
  48. "phone survey" about dogs may be a scam
  49. Years of night terrors end with the nudge of a helpful nose
  50. Denver delayed a vote on regs allowing pit bull SDs