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  1. Man sues hundreds over disability violations
  2. Family files complaints after service dog turned away from lake
  3. Why did Uncle Sam pay $18K for a wheelchair?
  4. Some disability lawsuits cost L.A. taxpayers
  5. L.A. man hustles claims or serves justice?
  6. Taxis In Nationís Capital Less Than Accommodating
  7. Ask the Appeal: Can You Ask Someone For Service Animal "Proof?"
  8. PBS Story
  9. Service dogs meet FSK mall staffers
  10. Aurora ponders permitting pit bulls as service dogs
  11. AAFCO Admits Rendered Pets in Pet Food
  12. A Judgement Against Diabetic Alert Dog Trainers
  13. Family suing Shoals school for not allowing service dog
  14. Junior Gets His Service Dog Certification
  15. Blind Man Says Shop Owner Assaulted Him
  16. Iraq veteran's service pit bull thwarts ban, with help from feds
  17. College student sets out to help the hearing impaired
  18. DEQ, former employee settle lawsuit over service-dog accommodation
  19. In study, half of D.C. cab drivers pass by blind people with guide dogs
  20. Disabled veteran says Big Y supermarket biased; store claims ..
  21. A Service Dog by Any Name
  22. Woman's service dog barred from business
  23. Special Olympics Bars Girl, Service Dog from Basketball
  24. Barking up the right tree?
  25. Man With Service Dog, Kicked Out of Business
  26. Mom says son needs service dog but school district resists
  27. Woman Attacked by Devil Dog Awarded £1000 Compensation
  28. UK / Urgent action demanded from Government on dangerous dogs
  29. After decades with ban, Denver revisits pit bulls
  30. Canine Lifeguards Come To The Rescue On Italy's Beaches (VIDEO)
  31. Pit bulls could once again live in cities with bans
  32. Nail Salon Charges More For Overweight Customers
  33. Mo. service dog firm ordered to refund customers
  34. Man's Best Friend and Social Anxiety
  35. Press Release: The Making of a Guide Dog
  36. ADA suits challenge Ybor businesses
  37. Forcing Pregnant Employee Into Light Duty May Violate ADA
  38. Owner upset after guide dog attacked
  39. Homeless Couple Caught in Limbo
  40. Guide dog's barking opens door for fix
  41. People are more likely to co-operate in the presence of a dog
  42. Ailing woman faces eviction if she doesn't get rid of her dog
  43. Advocates push changes in VA service dog policy
  44. ADA trumps FSK
  45. Service dogs bring independence to owners with limited mobility
  46. Man awaiting service dog dies
  47. Woman Claims ADA violation at the mall
  48. ADA amendments concern local service animal owners
  49. Shared space cycling plan branded 'potentially lethal'
  50. Working Like a Dog