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  1. New city centre electric buggies launch
  2. Recall Alert: Blue Buffalo voluntarily pulls three foods due to Vitamin D levels
  3. Expanded terms for the Americans with Disabilities Act
  4. Traffic circles cause disabled grief
  5. Blind Man & Dog Kicked Out Of Store
  6. Program gives students a chance to train service dogs
  7. Daytona police warning: Keep blind in view
  8. Jerry will be putting paws up after 35 dog years
  9. Letter: Public should understand service vs. therapy dogs
  10. Guide dog-to-be missing near Elmira College
  11. Obama, Bush let Bo and Barney walk them, says dog trainer
  12. Martin and faithful friend called to the bar
  13. ‘Pax’ will show at New Orleans Film Festival
  14. Girl's Best Friend: Dog Detects Low Blood Sugar
  15. News of the Weird: Mass. woman threw dog poop in driver's face
  16. Service dog a faithful friend to residents
  17. Mall Security Turns Away Man with Service Dog
  18. Park Spark lights lamps with dog doo
  19. You Ask-We Investigate Pit Bull service Dog banned by CCSD
  20. ADA update enters debate over FM chips
  21. Guide dog attack by bull terriers in Leeds
  22. Does your company website comply with the ADA?
  23. Deaf man told to get out again
  24. Congress Helping the Blind Online
  25. Your Dog, Not Cat May Help Prevent Eczema
  26. Dog owners make a plea for pit bulls
  27. Chew on these safety tips for preventing dog bites
  28. Markey bill aims to make latest technology accessible to deaf, blind
  29. EEOC Files Trio of ADA Discrimination Cases
  30. Rockefeller Praises House Passage of Bill to Improve Communications Accessibilit
  31. Agency probes local eatery
  32. A boy's best friend - Ruby's career change from assistance dog to family dog
  33. Ingram Readymix sued by EEOC for disability discrimination
  34. All-terrain dog boots
  35. NH hospital agrees to provide deaf services
  36. Off-Leash Dogs Hinder My Guide Dog
  37. Service dog at heart of civil rights action
  38. Press Release: Justice Department Fines Dallas Bus Company $55,000 for Violatin
  39. Morristown, NJ: Blind woman injured in crash sues ex-Morris County Assistant Pro
  40. Night at flicks for mutts
  41. Some pets allowed in dorms to provide student services
  42. Box-ticking party piece buys Miliband time
  43. Megan Roth aims to keep dog as companion on Lakeland campus
  44. Service dogs complicate disabled woman's attempt to find housing
  45. Hero guide dog given bravery award after vicious attack
  46. Disabled inmates deserve chance to earn time off, lawsuit says
  47. Continental Refuses To Believe Woman's Service Dog Is Real
  48. Degree course for Atherton guide dog trainers
  49. Dog fight ends with hall pass
  50. .Justice Department Publishes Four ADA Accessibility Proposals-Comment Period